Stir crazy

It’s still Monday, January 15. C. is down for his nap, and will probably sleep till his mom comes, a little after 3pm. We’re definitely having winter in Colorado this year. G. and I haven’t left the house, except for a grocery shopping trip on Saturday before the latest iteration of weekend snow, for the better part of a week. Plus, we are down to one car now. I gave my car (an old Subaru on the downhill slope) to my daughter. I know, I know, you’re saying, “What??? You said you were leaving her on her own!”

Well, the thing is, G. is disabled, and doesn’t drive herself much, and I quit my job in November, so we really didn’t NEED 2 cars. And if my daughter didn’t have a car, then she’d find all kinds of excuses about not getting a job, etc., etc., and so now she’s working, and since she’s kicked out her deadbeat “boyfriend” (C.’s bio dad), and if she can KEEP him out, things might be a little smoother. Hope springs eternal, yes?

So, anyway, here I am again, posting. I haven’t received any work today from the place were I do part-time medical transcription. And at this point, that suits me. I have a book that’s calling at me, and I need to pull together some questions for the next meeting of the womyn’s book group I belong to. I’m facilitating, and the book is Nora Vincent’s “Self-Made Man” about a woman who went in male drag for 18 months, living as a man. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. It’s a very good read.

It’s blasted COLD. We actually broke down and got DirecTV on Friday. “Bundled” it with the phone/internet bill, so hopefully the phone bill won’t be but a couple bucks more. So they say. But still, it’s 115 channels of nothing to watch. The basement (where my office is) doesn’t have much heat. I’ve got 2 space heaters going right now, one of the floor and one right beside me here on the table to keep my fingers warm.

I LOVE my office. In fact, I LOVE working from home, after 35 years of working full time outside the home, commuting, being tied to timeclocks, telephones, whatever. I’m at that age now, where I don’t sleep a whole lot at one time, so if I wake up at 2:00 a.m. and can’t sleep, I can come down here and work if I have work to do. It’s great. We hope to add a wood or pellet stove by next winter, so the heating problem will be solved.

I’m rambling, babbling. Isn’t that what blogs are for, though? Just let it all out, right? Ok, I’ll move along now, and next time I’m here, I promise I’ll have a topic.

Stay warm!



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