Finally Friday

I thought that when I quit working full-time, I might actually have TIME. Time to do things like read a book, leisurely peruse a magazine, beef up my yoga practice, enjoy being outside, all those things you wish you could do when you’re working full time. But no. Now it seems as if I have become a working babysitter. Ok, ok, ok, yes, I KNOW somehow I LET all this happen. Yes, it’s always on me, I get that.

Anyway, it’s just been a week. A long week. Daughter’s car (well, MY car, really, but I gave it to her) finally decided to bite the big one. We had it at the mechanic’s for nearly the whole week, and finally today, he confessed to me that really it’s not worth fixing. Great. BUT, Jerry being the incredible guy he is, is willing to fix one of his own cars (a Subaru GL sedan), and pretty much just swap it out for my junker Subie. So, Jerry has now gone to the head of the line of great guys to have on your side. Far as I’m concerned, he’s got a place in heaven.

Well, daughter wasn’t happy when I picked her up from work (with 2 kids in tow, because the 1st grader gets out at 2pm on Fridays). Tears, words, yelling, etc. Yes, it’s the weekend, yes, she wants to be mobile, but HELL, at least show some GRATITUDE. Jaysus. Basically she’s getting a free car out of the deal.

So then, she asks to get her paycheck and to go get it cashed. Ok. Then she wants to see how much her phone bill is (cell has been turned off a while). Fine. But the line is too long in the store, and anyway her phone’s not taking a charge so she would need a new one, and all the ones in that place are hundreds of dollars. Yes, hundreds. So, we run over to T-Mobile, and get a guy who seems to know what he’s talking about.

NATURALLY, she does not have her ID (stolen–BUT, she has gone to DMV and gotten a replacement, it just has not arrived yet). So, I use mine. Few minutes later, she’s walking out with a phone, a plan, etc., and only had to pay $21.45. The phone was actually $19.99 with no rebate! I don’t even have a cell phone and I know that’s a good deal. So, now T-Mobile is on my list of good guys, too.

Of course, all this is taking a toll on G. and the relationship. So, I guess next week, I’m going to be looking into daycare. Bottom line…we just can’t do this daycare thing and stay sane. I know I can’t. I don’t care if she brings them here for me to take to daycare at a better hour, that’s fine. I just can’t keep him/them during the day. And summer will be here soon….

Ok, better go spend some quality time with the wife. I’ve missed her.




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