What Bugs Me

Friday the 13th. April. Big honkin’ snowstorm down here in Southern Colorado (aka SOCO) where I live. I love winter, but you know, today I am ready for spring. I have spring fever and it’s still in the 30’s outside. What’s that all about??

Anyway, sitting here at the desk, very happy that I had another break from child care today, working on my transcription work that I need to get done today and over the weekend, so that I can go out of town next week, and I answer the phone. Well, that’s what you do, isn’t it? Answer the phone when it rings?? I mean, I KNOW it’s gonna be some telemarketer, market researcher, fundraiser for some politico that I wouldn’t vote for on a bet, but hey, I answer it anyway (unfortunately, I don’t have caller ID down here in my office).

And, I get, “Hi, Mr. ——-!” (Chipper young man completely mangling my gender and last name). Politely, I let him know that if he wanted to make progress with anyone over the phone, he would do well to make sure he had the person’s name (and gender) correct, and that I was working and had to go. And it just bugged me. I had already answered 2 calls for my wife, same kind, totally mangling her FIRST name, which baffles me, I mean, her name is very simple. And these people weren’t even from India! I guess the outbound calls they left here in this country for all the Americans to reject each other. Sorry, don’t even get me started on that.

ANYWAY, yes, it bugs me to get all the stupid calls from stupid people trying to sell me stupid stuff I don’t want. I’ve put our number on the “no-call” lists. I tell the people I don’t want to be called anymore, I’m not sure what else I can to except cancel the telephone and that’s not an option. Sheesh. Trouble is, I didn’t realize HOW many of these stupid calls we get ever day until 1) I started working from home, and 2) we got caller ID. Now, whenever we go anywhere, and come back, there are at least 5 calls on the ID from Goddess knows who! YIKES!!

So, I’m venting. And now, having done so, I’m going back to work.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Happy Friday the 13th,

Grumpy Granny


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