Tattoos n’ stuff

Yeah, I’m getting another tattoo. Like you knew I had one in the first place, right? Well, I do. I got it, wow, five years ago! Yikes, I can’t believe it’s been five years! It’s a blue spiral design on my right breast, right between two small moles I have. I absolutely adore it! And as soon as I got it, I knew I wanted another one, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted. Then, I realized I wanted a labrys, which is a “lesbian” symbol (think Gina Gershon in “Bound”), but also apparently a symbol of female power, etc. That works for me. Also, I since I had gotten something so round and circular as the spiral on my right side, I felt the need to balance it with a more angular tattoo on the left side. Don’t ask, to me, it makes perfect sense!

So, I’ve kinda spent the last 5 years looking for the RIGHT labrys, with the RIGHT design, the RIGHT color combo, etc. So, I found the image to the right, and bingo, that was it. But, when I took it to the gal who’s going to do it, she is actually going to modify it for me, so it will be completely unique. I’m psyched!! I’ll be getting it in June, after I get back from my vision quest, and I’ll post some pics here, for sure!

Plus, my wife and I have been talking about getting matching or complimentary tattoos together…maybe on the backs of our necks, or someplace like that. I have really short hair, so it’s gonna show, but I don’t care. I’m getting more risque in my old age, I guess! Still, I want them where I can cover them up if I want/need to, and I want them pretty much on the FRONT of my body, where I can SEE them. I mean, what’s the point of a tattoo that you can’t even enjoy? I see mine all the time, and it reminds me of what caused me to choose that particular design, the friend who went with me to get it, plus it helps me keep lots of chaotic stuff going on in my life in perspective. Yeah, my tattoo is a good thing!

I know they’re not for everyone, but I love mine, and I will definitely get more, as long as I can find EXACTLY what I’m looking for and a great artist to do them for me!

Not so grumpy today!

Grumpy Granny


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