Good News, Bad News

Six a.m. here, on a beautiful Monday morning, been up since about 4:30. The bad news is that my daughter got her car window broken out last night, along with a number of other people at an apartment where she was visiting. The good news is that I have insurance (the car is actually mine, anyway), and the other good news, and why I’m writing this morning, is that she decided to take off work to get the car cleaned, fixed, etc., and I’m not having kids today, other than taking my oldest grandson to school. So, morning bliss again!

After my shower, I called my daughter and found out the above, so after that, I decided to get dressed, make a pot of coffee and go outside. Thanks nearly 100% to my wife, we have the most beautiful yard. We’ve been in the house for 5 years, and when we moved in, we had 5 huge locust trees, a bed of old rose bushes on the north side of the house, and DIRT. Since the woman who lived here was 97, and we were in the throes of a serious drought, that was almost to be expected.

But now…well…how do I describe the changes? I guess the biggest thing happened in January the year after we moved into the house in October. The power company knocked on our door and said the trees had to go because they were too high for the power lines. I was devastated. We had already taken out one of the trees right when we moved in because it was pretty much all dead, and spent a good amount of money having the other trees trimmed and shaped. Now, these lugs wanted to raze them to the ground! There went my southside shade cover. Ugh.

While I still mourn the trees, now I do agree with G. that it’s great not to have to worry about branches, etc. falling on the house during high winds or heavy snows. And from the 4 we lost, we have replaced them with 9! None of which will be getting high enough to interefere with power lines anytime soon. We have planted: 1 eastern redbud, 2 apple, 1 plum (G. thought it was an apple, too!), a cherry, 2 peach, and 1 Harry Lauder Walking Stick, a/k/a a contorted filbert, otherwise known as “Fred”. He was our latest addition, and we love him. Right now, all the trees are pretty small, but each year they get bigger and fuller. The corkscrew willow is now giving shade to the porch in the late afternoon (our house faces due West), and the redbud tree is very popular with the several varieties of finches that live in the area. I’ll add a few pics here. I don’t know why the date on them says 2001. Honestly, I took them at the end of April. We didnt’ even live here in 2001!!

These were also taken one cool, cloudy morning a couple of weeks ago. I love mornings out there in the yard/garden. The birds start their morning concert early, around 4 am, but I dont’ really notice them till I get out there. We have our yard registered with the National Wildlife Federation as a bird sanctuary, and we have an amazing variety of winged critters come and visit us. Some hang around and make nests, and some are just passing through. I do think there’s some kind of “bird network” though, because each year we seem to get a bigger variety of species who come in and give us a show.
Well, it’s a little after 6 am now, and the sun is on the tops of the pine trees across the street as I look out my window while I type this. I’m going to finish my coffee, and a little bit of work that’s due, then go up and enjoy the rest of the morning.
Go visit a garden today. It’ll make you less grumpy, I guarantee! 😉

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