A Quiet Epiphany

Tonight, the eve of Memorial Day, I lay on my yoga mat, trying to twist my tired body into shapes that it just did not want to form. As usual, when I am doing this intricate physical stuff, my mind wanders off on its own tangents. And, tonight, I realized, with a rather large shock to my system (to say the least), that I love George W. Bush. Yes, I love him! Somewhere in between Bridge Pose and Downward Dog, I realized that George W. Bush, Goddess bless him, is absolutely the PERFECT president for our country as it is right at this moment. And perhaps Goddess DID want him to be president. After all, aren’t people waking up all over the place? Aren’t people realizing that there is more to life than the biggest SUV on the block or a house big enough to house 7 or 8 Nicaraguan families? Aren’t we realizing that might does not make right, and it’s more important to feed children than to kill their parents? Aren’t we realizing that “politics” is the greater evil to all of us, regardless of what party it’s clothed in??
What you resist, persists. We are “resisting terror” with all that we have in us, politically, militarily, philosophically, and lo and behold, it’s persisting with great ease. Seems like no matter what we do, no matter how much money, or how many young lives we throw at it, it just gets bigger and bigger and more terrifying. So, I am not going to resist it any more. I fully and freely admit that terror exists. I fully and freely admit that there are people out there who hate me and would love to wipe me off the face of this earth just because I happened to be born in this country of Western Euoropean parents and ancestors. Well, okay, then. Let them hate me. It’s not going to stop me from living my life to the absolute fullest that I can. In fact, because of them, I may live an even MORE full life, just to spite them! So there!
I will love the terrorists, too. I will sit in meditation and pour out my heart’s love to George W. Bush and to the terrorists, equal partners in causing great misery to this world, and for teaching all of us to wake up and realize that we don’t have to do this to each other any more. Wake up, America! Wake up, world! Love your President!! Love the terrorists!! They are making this world better because the sooner we quit thinking about them and focus on what we REALLY want and how we REALLY want to live our lives, the sooner they will go away.
Good job, guys! I love you!!!
Grumpy Granny

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