Grumpier Than Usual

Last night, when I went to bed, I had delusions of getting up and walking to the local coffee shop, then calling G. and having her come down for coffee (with the car) to bring be back. I woke up at the usual time for my walk, but I was just TOO TIRED to get up. I mean, don’t I deserve a little rest?? So, anyway, stayed in bed till 6:30-ish, I guess (wow, late for me!), then up. I can’t even remember much of what I did…played on the computer probably, then I did probably an hour’s worth of yoga, doing a new sequence that’s supposed to be good during your period, which it always seems to be these days. By then, it’s 9am, and I had an appt. at 10am to get to my foot reflexologist, something I CRAVE!
But first I had to do some banking. So I’m all ready, got my forms filled out, checks signed, etc. Head out the driveway, and there’s this funny noise in the car. I think it sounds like there might be something caught under the car. So, I pull into a LoafN’Jug (that’s 7-11 to those not in Pueblo), and look around and under the car. Nothing, and nothing catches my eye. So, I go on and complete my banking and head to Cheryl’s house. When I get out of the car after I park in front of her house, I realize, I HAVE A FLAT TIRE! Damn! Can you say Grumpy??
Well, I don’t know why, but I just start to freak out. Maybe it’s because it’s G’s car and not mine, I don’t know. I try to get her on the phone, but she’s not answering. She pretty much never answers the phone when I call (sorry, that’s a “grump” post for another time). So, Cheryl’s husband comes out and puts the little do-nut on, and I reschedule my appointment for Monday. I COULD have gone a head and had it, but I would not have been relaxed, and when I have an appointment with Cheryl, I damn sure want to enjoy it.
And as much as I tried all day, I have just been grumpy and pissy, and pretty much just wanted to be left alone. But, we did got see “The Bourne Ultimatum”, which was good, and cathartic with all the car chasing, beating up bad guys, etc. I would recommend it. Anyway, she got the tire fixed (big screw in it), and all is well. I know I got all “het up” over nothing, but there you go, what can I say?? We all have our moments, right?
And now, to bed…

One thought on “Grumpier Than Usual

  1. Hi!

    Ok, I guess just the being up and mobile at 6:30 am woulda had me grumpy — never mind all the rest of that stuff!


    (I gotta admit though — you not noticing the flat really did put a grin on my face… lol)

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