Hopefully, A Better Weekend…

Well, it’s about 6:50, and I’ve just done a little work that I got yesterday (I’m about 3/4 through), and today G. and I, along with our friend Linda, are heading up to Colorado Springs in a little while to go to a meeting of the Womyn’s Social Network, to have coffee at a local coffee shop for a bit, then on to fabric shopping for the other two ladies, who have gotten into quilting. I used to sew a lot, make most of my own clothes, etc, but quilting is kind of beyond me. I don’t really grasp the concept of it, although, I suppose you could say it’s like painting with fabric.
Anyway, this is short, hopefully there won’t be any tire or car problems, and we all will have a good time. Just wanted to post a better note than last week, and I realized it’s been a week since I posted (here, anyway, I’ve been posting at Crone’s Corner), but that’s more about my upcoming pilgrimage, than about day to day grumpiness with “stuff”.
Okay, time to get my shower and get ready. Have a great weekend, you all!

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