Grumpy’s Back!!!

Hello, anyone out there who might be reading. Well, I’m back from Spain. Actually, I’ve been back for a month now, since October 1. My feet just flat gave out on me, and I was in such pain from walking–not blisters, but pain every time I set my feet down–that I knew I had to take care of that and come home. But, I had an AMAZING time, and I’m still blogging about that at my other blog. So, if you’re interested, head on over there and read a little.
In other news, October was not a good month for me; however, I just read somewhere that Mercury was retrograde, so now it makes total sense! On the day I got back, my daughter totaled the car I bought for her–for the SECOND time. Well, let me be fair. She didn’t total it, a friend of hers did. And the first time it got totaled was for hail damage, not an accident. So, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but bad enough. So, dealing with insurance, car rental, her looking for a new vehicle–this one is TOTALLY on her own now, I am out of the car loop. And I am happy about THAT!
But, if that wasn’t enough, about 2 weeks later, as I’m on the way taking my grandson and 2 of his friends to school, *I* got rear-ended by some jerk who immediately took off. Since the car that hit me was belching blue-white exhaust smoke, I have to ASSume that the ASShole had no insurance. However, I did manage to take down the plate number before he disappeared and I made a police report for all the good it will do. Naturally, I have heard nothing. Of course, the worst part was that I was driving G.’s car (but I am on it to drive), and then I had to go home and tell her the car was smashed. All things considered, it was not horrible, but the hatchback wouldn’t open and the whole back bumper was trashed. Plus it was probably leaking exhaust into the car. So, now WE’RE in a rental till whenever.
Tomorrow, I have to take G. up to Denver for Marcaine injections into her neck and shoulder trigger points. Also this month, she got her knee surgery moved up (good), but then something went out in her shoulder (VERY bad) and so for the last 3 weeks, she’s either been in excruciating pain or numb and can’t control her hands/fingers. Either way, not fun. And of course, it’s her right hand. Naturally. Did I say Mercury was in retrograde??
I’m also in the process of looking for a job. I actually sent a resume to a doctor’s office and got an interview off that, which was very positive. Haven’t heard anything, but there you go. Sent some resumes to a few online transcription places, haven’t heard anything. Go figure. So, today I filled out an app for the place where my daughter works processing medical claims. She says there’s tons o’ work, and medical coding is something I’ve been wanting to learn, so my fingers are crossed. I only want to work part time, tho. I hope they will let me. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. If nothing else, I’ll go to the temp places and get them to put me somewhere.
The place that my daughter works, tho, is appealing because what I really want is just to go to a place and WORK for my shift and not answer the phone, and not deal with cranky people, and not have much contact with the outside world. Just WORK and then go home. So, I really hope this works out. I’ll keep you posted.
Monday, the boys start daycare in the mornings, and the daycare will take them to school at their respective times. One goes full time (2nd grade) and the other goes only half day (at noon). They get out at the same time. So, this daycare will take them, ’cause my daughter has to work at 5 am. They don’t open till 6, so I’ll have them for a little while in the mornings, but that’s ok. I can deal with that. And then, if she needs to work over time, she can.
Well, I was a lot grumpier yesterday and earlier this week while I was contemplating doing this post. Maybe Mercury going direct has affected me. Maybe it was the great get-together G. and I had with two of our friends last night who we had not seen since before I went to Spain. Maybe it was my sweet potato cheesecake that totally rocked! Who knows, it’s just nice to feel a bit better.
So, I’m back, and I’ll be posting as regularly as I can. Hope to hear from anyone who would like to make a comment.

One thought on “Grumpy’s Back!!!

  1. Welcome back!!!!

    I don’t know what that mercury stuff means, but ummmmm ok! LOL

    Glad no one was hurt but the cars in either accident. šŸ™‚

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