Is It Friday Yet??

It’s only 8:15 and I already feel like I’ve put in a full day. G. and I totally flaked out last night about 8 p.m., and so I was wide awake by 4 a.m. Which is just as well, since the boys come before 5. Today, G. was also up, so I made coffee and when the boys came, they needed baths because THEY had all flaked out early, too. So, got one in the shower, throwing a fit because he had to go first, and fed the other one. Then, I came down here to review my work from yesterday and e-mail it back. Got the first set of files done, and then BAMMO, my ‘Net connection goes down. I do the usual:
unplug the modem, wait.
Wait some more.
All the lights are green on the modem, but no connection. So, I let it go and went back upstairs to get everyone dressed and ready to go. G., bless her, had gone over spelling words, etc., and E. was playing a game on the computer–now his favorite thing in the world, so he was happy, and C. was in the tub. Then I got them all fed, and G. said she would come with me so she could meet the daycare lady and then we could go to the store to get our TG shopping done.
We got to the daycare, which is not far from the house, and she realized she left her wallet home. So, we get the boys situated, come back for the wallet and the dog, and then off to the store. We are going to a friend’s house so don’t have to cook everything. G. is making a pumpkin pie, and I am doing my famous sweet potato recipe, so it’s pretty simple. Jess and the boys are coming over the day after, so I bought a pork roast to cook. Why am I writing all this? Oh well, I need more coffee so just bear with me.
Anyway. Get back home, groceries done and I still can’t connect. So, I call the tech support on the phone/IP connection. Now, I have to say, I HATE dealing with the phone company, except when it’s tech support. Those guys are good. They are patient, and explain stuff, and I always take notes so when something happens again, often I can fix it myself. So, I was on with this guy for a good 45 mins, and we finally figure out that it’s something to do with the wireless router that I use to connect G’s computer upstairs to the DSL. But at least I can connect directly and I got my work sent out and hopefully will receive some soon, and then I can call the router tech support folks and see what they can tell me.
And it’s only 8:30.
I need more coffee and some breakfast. I’m STARVED!!!
GG–too sleepy to be grumpy–God, I sound like I’m channeling the 7 dwarves!

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