Friday Stuff

So, NOW it’s Friday…yay! This morning was a little calmer. We managed to stay awake till after 9pm, and I slept pretty well with my alarm waking me up at 4:30, which is pretty unusual; normally I am awake about 10 mins before it goes off. But, before I say anything else, here is a pic that my oldest grandson, Elijah, colored in school and let me have. I love this picture!! I love carousel horses anyway, and I love that he chose all those colors, and that in the red part on the top he used different shadings of the same color, etc. This one’s going on the office wall, for sure!! He’s a great kid, and so is his little brother. They are my boys, for sure.
So, I went and took that test yesterday afternoon for the state data entry position. About 100 people were there, and it was all keyboarding, numbers, descriptions, etc. Like putting in invoices, dates, store numbers. I actually got through all 4 of the pages and was starting over when time was called. But, I doubt I’ll get called back, ’cause I know my speed is not all that great when it comes to keying numbers. And it won’t hurt my feelings, either. Not sure I could sit in a fishbowl doing that all day long. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Got another resume to go out today for a contracts administration position, so we’ll give that a whirl. Meantime, I’m still transcribing, and hoping that the part time job at the place where my daughter works will materialize. I think that would give me enough income along with the transcription to keep things getting paid, etc., and only working 5 hours a day would be nice. It feels right, so I’ll keep looking that way, but also keep on sending out the resumes.
Fridays are my favorite, the one day I can take completely off if I want to. The nice thing about working from home is that I can work whenever I want. The down side is that I can work whenever I want, so lots of times, I end up working in the evenings or early mornings, etc. Even though I definitely don’t work 8 hours a day, I do have to have a 24 hour turnaround on my transcriptions. But on Fridays, no. Anything I get on Friday can be back on Monday, unless it’s a “stat” file. So, Fridays are the kick back days. Today, I need to spend some time with my yoga and meditation. I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing that to keep myself calm and relatively worry free, since I live in my head a lot, and see all kinds of dire “alternate universes” for everything. I realize they’re MY alternate universes and most likely not one of them will ever really exist, but I still see them. What I’m trying to do is not dwell on them and turn towards better-feeling thoughts when I catch myself obsessing.
I’ve been re-listening to the Abraham CDs that G. had got for me a while back. Every time I listen to them, I feel so much better. I have to keep that feeling with me as I tackle these challenges, and realize that I AM going in the right direction, because when I think about doing the MT, and working from home, etc., I do feel good, and when I think about going back to work full time, I dont’ feel so good, but that would be okay, too, if I got the RIGHT job. Like Abraham says, you don’t have to BE in your ultimate, wonderful place right now, you just have to go in the direction of it, and the flow will take you, so that’s what I’m working on practicing.
But, right now, I’ve had enough coffee to enhance my own personal “flow” so it’s off to the loo with me.
Enjoy your weekend. And for Tina, have a fabulous vacation!!! We’ll jabber at ya when you get back.
Cheers, all!




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