Goodbye to November

Well, it’s Friday, November 30. We’re on the way to saying good-by to 2007, and I have to say, I think I will miss it. There was a lot of chaos and a lot of anxiety, but it was the first year in my life since I was 15 when I did not work full time, go to school, take care of kid(s) full time, and sometimes all three. So, even if there was a lot of stuff that I don’t mind saying good bye to, I will miss this lovely time.
Still job searching. The place where my daughter works still hasn’t called. Well, that is, I was supposed to go in Tuesday at 3pm to fill out paperwork, and I got a call from the girl who said she had had a death in the family and maybe she would call today to get me in. No call. So, I think I will give it till Monday, and then call back and see what’s up. If they didn’t want to hire me, they could have just said so. In the mean time, I have submitted several more applications/resumes for various full time jobs around town. I’m actually surprised that there have been that many openings that I would be interested in that actually pay fairly well for Pueblo. I hope it’s a trend!
Dr’s appt. today. Now, as mentioned earlier here, regarding dentists, I do NOT like going to the doctor. And since this summer, when I was trying to get some relief from a darn near hemorrhagic condition, everyone in the medical profession has been trying to tell me I “have high blood pressure”. I went to Planned Parenthood before my vision quest to see if I could get SOMETHING to stop massive bleeding before I went 1,000 miles out into the desert, but no, I got a lecture on my blood pressure. Yes, it was 150/100, but I KNEW it was due to stress, etc. because for the previous FIFTY YEARS, it had been around 120/80 or even 70. So, I went on the vision quest anyway, and all was well. Then, I tried to get into the doc before I went to Spain, but everything was booked, despite me telling them I was going out of the country. So, I get back and get in to see her about my foot. And my blood pressure was 150/110. Yes, that was high. And the doc wanted to put me on bp meds. The first time she’s EVER seen me, she did not ask me the first thing about any stressors in my life, nothing, just here, take these meds. I told her flatly that I WOULD NOT take bp meds. Then, she did a bit of an exam, and took the bp again, and made a comment like, “I’ll check it, even though you aren’t going to do anything about it!” Ohhh, that tee-d me right off. I said, “No, I did not say I wasn’t going to do anything about it. I said I was not going to take bp meds. There’s a big difference!” Skinny little bony woman, I wanted to slap her silly.
Soooooo, that appt. was for my foot that I wrecked in Spain. Two weeks later, I go back and the bp is still high when the nurse takes it–150/110. I can just feel disapproval OOOZING out of her. So she leaves and I sit in the chair (NOT the table), and do some breathing, some yoga focusing, etc. The doc comes in and rechecks it. It’s now 140/90. Note bottom number has gone down 20 pts. in less than 10 mins. With no meds. So, we have our exam, blah, blah, blah. She gets me set up with a Gyn clinic appt. for today, and asks me to have some blood work done–just come in on a morning when I don’t eat breakfast, they want it fasting. Ok, great.
So, today rolls around. I’ve been walking because I’m training again for another long walk and I’ve got to be able to walk 26 miles in one day–tough stuff! Plus I’ve been taking my fish oil, garlic, CoQ10, etc. I took the bus to the office because G. had a dr’s appt. in Ft. Carson to get injections in her knees, and our appts. were pretty much at the same time. I planned to walk home because it’s only 3 miles from the office, but this morning early it was just too cold (30’s).
I go in, get interviewed by the nurse–a different one, very sweet, get weighed (always enough to raise the pressure!), and get into the haute coture paper garments. I brought a book with me, so I’m sittin’ on the exam table, partially draped in Bounty quicker picker-upper, and then the nurse comes back in and says, ‘Oh, I forgot to take your blood pressure!’ I just breathe and say, ok. And she slaps the cuff on, does her thing, and it’s done. I say, “Well…?” expecting the LOOK and the LECTURE…and she says, “Oh, yes, 128/78, very good!” THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! See, I TOLD you I didn’t have high blood pressure! I had a month where I came back from a foreign country sooner than I wanted, with a foot problem that’s been bugging me since, I had TWO car accidents to deal with, money running out, spouse having surgery and follow up appts that are a 250 mile round trip drive whenever she has to have anything major done, nahhh, I didn’t have any stress on me whatsoever.
But now, I’m breathing, and I am going downstream. Nothing I want is upstream. Nothing I want requires me to go against the current. Even tho I had a melt-down yesterday over really nothing, maybe it was that meltdown that I needed to help me go downstream to lower blood pressure, so that’s okay, too. It’s all okay.
Oh, and yes, I walked home.
Happy Friday,

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