Sunday Ramblings

Yesterday, it was about 75° here. Everyone was running around in shorts, the park was full of people having picnics, birthday parties, etc. This morning it’s 42°, with a wind chill of less than freezing, and it’s supposed to snow later. The wind is HOWLING around the house, and the clouds are definitely here. Gotta love Colorado weather!
G. is in the workshop for the next “step” in our shamanic studies this weekend. I did the right thing by not going, but I am going to continue when the opportunity to take this workshop comes up again. It just felt right to take this time to review and renew.
I tried out 2 different paint colors on the kitchen yesterday. The 2 that G. had tried out just did not work for us. Apparently, these don’t either ☺, so I will try again today. Lowe’s sells ½ pint cans of paint for $4.00, so it’s not prohibitive to try a few times. I’ve cleared off 1 wall in the kitchen, and I have some Kilz for priming, so I can start from scratch each time. She did like the shade of yellow that I picked, so I may leave that, and just try with the darker color. We are going from purple and white (it’s only white because that’s what was there when we moved in, and once she painted the bottom half purple, there wasn’t much else to do with it!) to some kind of earth-tone-y yellow/gold/bronze/rust/brick. We just aren’t sure, but when it’s right, we’ll know it. This is what it’s looked like for the last few years:
That is the wall that I’m working on. G. took down the border a few weeks ago, and the wall with all the pics on it is now bare and kind of “checker-boarded” with different colors. It’s important, though, because we get a LOT of light in the kitchen, it being on the southern side of the house. This picture was taken a while ago, as our TV is no longer in that spot, and hasn’t been for quite some time! Time flies.
So, in the meantime of doing all that yesterday, I looked over the tax documents for my mom’s estate, and getting my stuff together for my personal taxes. The estate owes no taxes (good thing, since I closed the estate account this past summer!), and it looks like all 4 of us kids will have some deductions, since we sold her house at a loss (for under market value). I hope that will help ME, since I work as an independent contractor, and don’t have taxes taken out. This year won’t be so bad, as I made very little money, but going forward, if I keep doing this, I will probably have to file quarterly taxes. Ugh. At least I have a good accountant. I’ve done my own taxes since I was 15, but I’ve always done the simple form, since I never had any deductions that would be more than the standard deduction allowed, so when it gets complicated, I go to the professionals!
And on the job front, I got a letter this past week stating that I passed the dispatcher test for the City, but that’s all it said. I’m thinking that 1) either there is not a job opening at this time, and they were just testing to get an interview “pool”, or 2) I passed, but they chose only to interview the top 3 or 4 folks (I was 11th). Either way, my name’s in the pot, so that’s a good thing. Also, I got a letter from the County, and they want me to interview this coming week. So, I’m off to play the game on Wednesday. This is an admin position with the Facilities area, what ever that means, but I had to test in Word and Xcel (which I had not used in YEARS), and then take a “secretarial” multiple choice test, so I guess I did all right on those! And, I seem to be getting more MT work from my folks in Denver, so that’s keeping me busier.
I cooked okra and stewed tomatoes, made my famous chicken wings and corn muffins, and had supper ready for when I went and picked up G. from the workshop (I kept the car). Otherwise, I ran some errands, and just hung out at the house. Today, I’m going to bake a chicken for the dog (don’t ask!), and cook cabbage, carrots, and onions and have bratworsts with it for supper. With the weather like it is, it always motivates me to cook.
Right now, I’m watching the wind buffet the trees across the street in the park. They are waving madly, and I can hear the wind moaning around the corner of the house. My office is in the basement, and the windows are high up in the wall, so all I can see are the treetops and the gray, cloudy sky. I think it’s time for more coffee, and I have books upstairs that are calling me. Plus, sometime today, I am going to print out some photos from my trip to Spain (see my other blog) and send them to my aunt. Should be a good day.
You have one, too!


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