No Drama, Please

I was never into having drama in my personal life, even though I studied it in college. Daughter, on the other hand, seems to thrive on it. We had our first “the wedding’s off” brouhaha last night. I gather there were some jealousy issues brought up (by him), etc., etc. She called, crying, saying she was taking all the dresses back, whatever. I just told her I could not get involved.
Of course, my worry, as always, is for the boys. They have become settled with this guy, and seem to like him, and he them. To have another father figure ripped out from under them would be a really bad thing. No wonder boys can’t grow up to be decent men if everything safe and secure is constantly being torn away from them. I don’t know how many puppies they’ve had to get rid of, toys they’ve had to leave behind, whatever. Even the turtles they managed to keep for several years are now at the house where they used to live and where most of their stuff still is, being used by the “friends” who took over the lease.
I keep saying it’s not my life, it’s hers, but it’s not ONLY hers, it’s their lives, too. Mind you, I do NOT want to take these boys in to raise, but my heart aches for them. The are smart, sweet, tender boys, with hope and love in their eyes and hearts, and I don’t want to see them battered (metaphorically) by life to be rotten, heartless, clueless men–just like all the men in their mother’s life.
Today, she dropped them off at 5 am, because she needed to go into work early. I guess she and her fiancee had a night-long heart-to-heart and the wedding will proceed, for now. My worry also goes to being $1,500.00 in debt for wedding attire that no one will wear, if they call off the wedding after 90 days past when they bought the dresses, etc. Not the worst thing in the world, but par for the course. On the other hand, I fully expect her not to pay me anyway, so what difference would that really make?
Even though I’m not really a “mothering” type person, I can’t stand to see chilren hurting. GS2 really did not want to go to daycare today, and I suppose I could have kept him, but I got NO sleep last night (thanks to the dog), and have work now, and he is a Velcro child and does not play by himself the way GS1 will do. I had enough heartache and lonliness in my childhood and I had 2 parents who really loved me and let me know all the time. I can’t even imagine trying to grow up in that chaos. Half the time I’m tempted to try to get her on Dr. Phil, the other half I’m tempted to pack up all my stuff in the car, cash out my IRAs and go on the road till they’re over 18, so I don’t have to watch the train wreck.
What a way to start the weekend.

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