Kitchen Kaleidoscope!

Okay, okay, I’ve been alluding to the work that G has been doing on our kitchen, so here are some pics. It all started when she decided she wanted to see what was under all the paint on our kitchen cabinets, and also because she fell in love with a certain color of paint. So, here we go in somewhat chronological order:

This is what the cabinets started off as when we moved in. Just a flat white. Note that our house was built in 1940, and it was a 1-owner home–we bought it from the family who’s father had built the house himself. Needless to say, there are a lot of “interesting” features. But it’s a great house and we love it!

These are the drawers on the bottom half, just under the counter from the above picture, after G. had stripped off about 5 layers of paint. Please also note that this pic was taken sometime last year, NOT in 2001! The date stamp on the camera was messed up. I don’t think I actually have a good photo of the finished cabinets, but she ended up just putting a kind of pickling “wash” over the wood, so it’s about the same color as above.

Beginning paint job–this is the color she swooned over, Sweet Spiceberry. Somewhere on my desk is a small piece of paper with the paint formula.

Inside paint job done. I will have the pleasure of painting on the inside of the upper cabinets because I’m taller! Yay! Then, just this week, she stripped the upper outside end of the cabinets:

Since this, she’s also done the whole window frame there next to the cabinet. That’s about it for the cabinets, next comes our kaleidoscope of color choices for the kitchen. These were the colors I STARTED playing with last weekend:

No, it’s not black, it’s called “Royal Garnet” and it’s not far off from the “Sweet Spiceberry”, just a tinge more red/magenta. However, those did not go over so well, so then I went to the following:

This gives a little better idea of the garnet shade. The big blob on the left is a mixture of the 3 colors in the middle, mixed on the wall with a trowel for kind of an old stone effect. It was a technique I’d wanted to try. I kind of like it. Here’s a closer photo:

Oh, note that the more orangy color underneath the mixed paint is a color that G. picked out and then I painted over, because we both thought, “Nah”, but after I did that effect, I thought I’d see how it looked next to it. THEN, to top all that off, G decides a few more colors might help:

I actually kind of like the turquoise, the bottom is the Sweet Spiceberry, and I think the top is the same yellow that I put up with the garnett.
So, there ya have it. We’ve pretty much decided that the first thing we need to do is get the cabinets done, then see about replacing the counter top and backsplash, THEN go for the paint on the walls. In the meantime, we’re trying to figure out if we really love those colors. The good thing about Lowes is that they have those lovely $4.00 half-pint sample paints, so you can try them out without spending a fortune!
Happy Painting!

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