Deliciously Ordinary

That’s what today has been, which seems appropriate for a Wednesday. Wednesday has always been my least favorite day of the week; not sure why, it just is. Today, however, was good. I managed to get a fairly good night’s sleep with only one midnight trip to the bathroom (oh, don’t you loooovvee reading about granny’s nighttime habits). Then, up at 5:30 to give daughter a ride to work (no gas again). But this morning, when I went out to get in the car, the air was soft, with a mild breeze blowing, and I could smell moisture, and Spring was THERE, just quivering under everything. Of course, because of the acursed daylight savings time, it was basically pitch dark, but I could see the hint of the coming day on the eastern horizon. The boys were happy to see me (I drop them at daycare on the way to daughter’s work), and got their allotted 2 peppermints.
By the time I dropped her off, the sky was a canvas of brilliant pinks, purples, and reds. The clouds in the east were heavy enough to keep the morning sunrise from being its usual over blinding event, but by the time I got back home, it was well up, and I made coffee, grabbed a power bar and headed down to the office where I made progress on printing wedding invitations, reply cards, and address labels. Daughter sure saved a lot of money in that regard! Thank goodness for WordPerfect!
My transcription folks sent me about a 30 minute file, which I had a hard time getting to play, but after a couple of phone calls, and fiddling around with the version, downloading some patches, I got it working, and by 10 am, I went up for a little break. G. having taken a pain pill late, was just waking up. We chatted for a bit, then it was back to it till I was done with both the long file and some medical notes around 1pm. This is the first time I’ve actually been done with typing that early in a while. I am getting a lot faster. So, I took a “real” lunch, and watched my soap (One Life to Live). I’ve watched that damn thing since I was in HIGH SCHOOL, and there are still some of the actors on it now that were then. Wow. The mind boggles.
Then it was back to proof the work, send it back, and go pick up daughter and cart her home. Fiancee has a car, but right now, no insurance, and daughter has wised up about getting in a car with no coverage, especially since she has to drive on the highway to work. We had to stop at DHS for daughter to pick up paperwork for food stamps, then to the store to get a few things, then pick up the boys. GS2 lost another tooth today!! That’s 2 on top and 2 on bottom. He came out upset because he didn’t get his snack, but grinned big time when I noticed he had another gap in his mouth.
So I dropped the whole crew off, and now G. is upstairs making chicken tacos, I’m down here blabbing about my day, and tonight we have our pick of 2 Netflix movies to watch (TINA! If you’re reading this–SEND BACK YOUR MOVIES! LOL!!).
Our movie selection tonight is April’s Shower or Big Dreams in Little Hope. The best thing about Neflix is that the really have a big selection of lesbian-themed movies, and we are loving catching up!
It was a beautiful day here–we took the babies outside for the first time, and they got their first dose of fish emulsion. They are really getting big! I’m so proud of them. So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print here. I could rant on some more about all the hateful stupidity and ignorance going on in the world around me, but today, I found shelter in ordinary things, and it was a blessing.
Enjoy your evenings!

One thought on “Deliciously Ordinary

  1. ROFL… finally got around to reading this post! LOL

    We’ve been sending them back… FINALLY! lol

    Right now we’re doing a Six Feet Under marathon! 🙂

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