I Can’t Even Begin To Describe It

Yesterday, I took daughter to work again. As I’ve discussed here before, I really hate daylight savings time, but I think maybe I’m coming to terms with it. Since it started SO early this year, it was still in that “transition” period which happens in March, where suddenly the morning light is coming back and you’re realizing that spring may really just be right around the corner, after all. Yesterday, when I left to go get her and the boys, the sky was no longer pitch black, the way it had been even the week before in the morning after the time change–yesterday it was a rich navy blue. I could still see a few stars in the sky, but in the east, the glow of incipient morning was beginning to take hold. By the time I got to her house (just a few miles away), and got the boys to their daycare, and was on the way out to her work, the sky was lighting up, showing a vast and amazing array of clouds, shadows, and glimmers of morning.
The weather out here constantly amazes me, even after nearly 15 years of being in Colorado. I LOVE the skies here. I have lived in a lot of places, but nowhere are the skies like they are right here. Even in other parts of the state they are different. This little town sits in a “bowl” surrounded on 3 sides, south, west, and north, by mountains. Thus, we get weather patterns that are unique. I call this place “The Edge of Weather”. You can stand on an elevated place here and literally watch the weather come in and go out. It is truly awe inspiring, and it’s a great way to make one’s problems look pretty darn small.
But. Yesterday. After I dropped her off, I headed back home, and the light was simply stunning. On my way back to town from her work, I am headed west. The west was a solid bank of gunmetal gray clouds (weatherfolk had predicted possible snow for yesterday!), and the bright sun behind me lit up everything that was a lighter color with that unique contrasting glow that only happens for a few moments when this phenomenon is present. How I wished for my camera AND a safe place to pull the car over. Alas, neither were available. I got off the highway on my regular route back to our house, and then, at one stoplight, decided to take a different way.
This particular route takes you through part of “the Eastside” of Pueblo, an area that has been both agricultural and industrial, and also has a river running through it. Once again, my breath was taken away by the quality of the morning light. The ordinary, bare winter trees were lit up into silvery sculptures against the dark western and southern sky (at this point, I was headed south). The juxtaposition of so many contrasts, light/dark, rural/urban, agricultural/industrial, prosperity/squalor (some of the homes down in “the bottom” give new meaning to the word “shack”, and on the “top”, well, you get the idea.
But despite the thoughts of have/have not that couldn’t help but run through my mind, overall, my breath was taken away so many times on that short drive home. I was hit once again by how much I LOVE living here, how beautiful, even in its ugliness, is this place I now call home, and how LUCKY we all are to be right here, right now.
The photo at the beginning is of my front yard, looking across to a neighbor’s house, after I got home. I ran into the house and tried to capture a little bit of what I had just driven through. It’s not much, but I think it gives you just an idea of the complete and awesome beauty that I live in all the time.
No wonder the Natives say “Walk in Beauty”.
We do. We certainly do.

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