Scary, Scary, Scary

Last night, my daughter was awakened by gunshots next door, and someone hysterically screaming, “He’s DEAD!” After 3 shots, she called 911 to report. There were 3 more shots, and then she and her fiance discovered that, indeed, her next door neighbor had been shot. They thought he had been killed, but apparently, he was taken to the hospital for surgery with 6 wounds.
The boys, and her fiance’s 2 kids who were sleeping over, slept through it, but since my 2 grandkids were involved in a shooting accident 2 years ago (more later), I know this will be really tough for them.
Her apartment building, ONE apartment building in a surrounding neighborhood of single family homes, is in one of the “better” neighborhoods of Pueblo.
Needless to say, they are spending today looking for a new place to live.
My God.

5 thoughts on “Scary, Scary, Scary

  1. scary. I’m glad they are OK, and hopefully they can find someplace new to live. What is Pueblo like? I’ve always thought it was pretty small town.

  2. Ah geez. I remember one night going to Pueblo with my friend Donna to see her boyfriend. We heard noise in the alley and when we went back to her car, it had been broken into and her stereo stolen. Good thing her car was a classic $100 car.

    I hope they find a good place on the North side.

  3. found your blog via zirelda’s. this is absolutely frightening…hope they are okay and over the shock of it all.
    like your name gg, it’s coooool.

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