Frazzled (With a Side of Beets)

It’s Wednesday, right? Okay, just checking. Had a busy last couple of days. Work load increasing, good. But yesterday, I had work from 3 of my docs, plus had to go get a 2nd diagnostic mammogram (more on that later), and get my taxes done, so that’s time away from the keyboard, and then my GS2 was sick, so I told daughter to leave him here, since the daycare probably would not want to keep him. On the plus side, he really WAS sick (not that it’s a good thing), but when he’s sick, he just lies on the couch feeling bad and sleeping. When he’s active, he is a velcro boy who does NOT like to be by himself at all. It’s really hard to type with a 5 year old attached to your hip! Here’s my boy, BTW!

So, managed to get all that done, we let GS2 stay here last night because it’s spring break and daughter has finance’s kids, too (2), and I figured he would just get more rest than he would in their apartment. He took a long nap, fell asleep early, and slept till 8 am this morning. Something he never gets to do, I’m sure. I got all yesterday’s work turned in early this morning, then got a new load for today.
Plus I’m trying for a full time transcription job with a national company and at some point I’ve GOT to do the voice files they sent me and get those and the application back to them. I’ve done one of the files, but too tired right now to do the rest, so was going to do them 1st thing in the morning, but now I agreed (I know, I know) to take the boys to daycare in the morning. I still think I’ll be able to get those files done after that and before my other work comes in. We’ll see.
Just a ton going on. I want to get philosophical, but after hours of typing other people’s words, it’s hard to get excited about typing my own.
So, for now, I’m going upstairs to see the collection of fresh greens that G. got at the Vitamin Cottage yesterday. I’m thinking I’ll cook those with some wild rice and bratwurst I have in the freezer. If there’s beets in the greens, I’ll steam them, then sautee them in a little butter with some seasonings. My mother is smiling down on me from heaven when I eat beets. She tried my whole life to get me to eat them, and my whole life they tasted just like dirt! Then, a couple of years ago, I grew a wonderful crop of golden beets, grilled them whole, and was hooked. Now I’m a beet girl!
Note: pretty much everything tastes better when it’s grilled!
Okay, gotta go…
Grumpy’s out

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