The Power of Clarity

As some of you know, I have been in a rather half-hearted job search over the past months. I’ve continued to work with my independent contract (IC) transcription account, but it hasn’t really been full time, and even though I try not to obsess about them, money worries are out there. So, I thought, I’ll bite the bullet and start looking for jobs back “in the work force”. I perused the paper, and the sites for State, County, and City jobs locally. I was surpised to find a fair number of jobs out there that I actually thought 1) might be interesting enough to keep me awake, and 2) that I would be good at. I sent out a total of maybe 15 resumes. From that, I got about 7 offers either to test or interview outright. If you’ve been in a job search, that’s a great response! So, I tested. And tested. And tested. And, I interviewed. One by one, the letters came…no, sorry, no, sorry, no, sorry, no. A few years ago, I might have been crushed. This time, each time I read the blase thanks but no thanks words, I felt secret relief. I did not WANT to go back “out” to work. Finally, when I got the last response to the last resume, another no, I realized that what I needed to do was get off my butt and start looking for full time transcription work.
In other words, I became CLEAR.
Virtually the next DAY, my IC folks emailed me and asked if I was satisfied with my work load. I said I could take more. They sent it.
Then, I responded to a woman on a transcriptionist Yahoo! group that I’m on who was looking for some transcription help immediately. I did a few things for her, sub-contracting. THEN, another woman posted that her company was hiring, she loved working for them, and I e-mailed her, and she referred me. Apparently, referrals from employees get priority! Earlier this week, they sent me a bunch of forms to fill out and some voice files to listen to and fill in left out parts of several transcriptions, different specialities, different accents, etc.
I sent them back this morning, and I GOT HIRED TODAY! I will be getting an offer letter, and once I sign that and send it back, I will get a package with foot pedal, software, etc. and then start training on April 14. I will be working full time right here at my desk, transcribing Tuesday-Saturday on a split shift. Company offers vacation, 401k, insurance, etc.
All because I became CLEAR. CLEAR that I did NOT want to work out of the house, I did NOT want to go to an office and have people hanging over my shoulder, I did NOT want to wear a bra to work (that’s the biggest biggie right now!). What I wanted to do was just BE HOME and work. After the interviews and considering whether or not I would even take one of those jobs had they been offered, I realized exactly what I did want.
And I got it!
Go Me.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Clarity

  1. Dearie,

    Walhydra takes this story as great encouragement.

    (She’ll take whatever encouragement she can get at the moment).

    It’s an example of one of those annoying truths about “the Cosmos”:

    Sometimes, if you quit waiting to decide and just DO something, the right thing will turn up…even if it’s not what you are DOING.

    Pooh, and double pooh!

    Why does “the Cosmos” have to be so sneaky?

    Why aren’t there full instructions on the box, instead of that little folded slip inside at the bottom which says “Some assembly required”?!

    Grrr…Walhydra is in a MOOD today….

    But she’s very, very glad for YOU.

    Congratulations and
    Blessèd Be

  2. Funny how you can put something out to the universe and you get exactly what you want. But yes, you have to be CLEAR.

    Good going!

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