Update To Beets

There were no beets–just spinach and chard. But I did have a butternut squash that I had forgotten about. So, I put that on to steam (didn’t want to take the time to bake it–steaming is faster), and put the greens in cold water to soak and wash off the grit…and then G. decided she wanted to go out for Mexican. How could I say no to that invite, especially after a lovely, um, “dalliance” on the couch in the afternoon sun? Hey, my wife likes to take baths in the afternoon and run around the house with no clothes. What’s a good woman to do?
Soooo, off we went, checked out a new Mexican place, then walked down for coffee and a stroll around the Pueblo River Walk as it got dark. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Tomorrow, I hope I’ll have some pics of our latest project that is beginning to take shape nicely!
In closing, I leave a picture of our garden bounty from previous harvests:

Our garden rocks!



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