The Evolution of A Space

So, we (OK, mostly G, as always) have been working on the little back area of our yard behind our (detached) garage. The first couple of years after we moved in, we used it as one of our garden beds:

The little brick structure there on the left was some kind of incinerator once upon a time, but hadn’t been used in ages. The cement “divider” that separates the flower bed from the other planted part goes all around the entire yard, creating a circumferential flower bed. The vaguely T-shaped thing on the right is the remaining pole of a clothesline, now completely covered in a silver lace vine. The tree in the center back is a plum tree that G. gave me as a “move-in” gift when we bought the house, so it’s been there since October, 2002. This photo was taken in 2005, at the height of the growing season.

This photo here is the same place, same time, just showing the back wall of the garage, and a better view of the back fence, which borders an alley that runs behind our house. Before I moved to Pueblo, I had never encountered alleys. They are everywhere here.

Fast forward to fall/winter 2006/2007. I had been toying with the idea of a meditation garden with a fence for privacy for a while. Being a Taurus, I freely admit I tend to think about things for a LONG time before I ever get moving on them. This drives G. nuts. She’s an Aries, and she MUST have a project to work on. We were both agreed that the brick incinerator thing had to come out, so she took that on. Plus, we had gotten a lot of free wood chips to use for mulch, and since I couldn’t figure out just how I wanted the potential meditation garden designed, we agreed that piling the mulch there to kill off incipient weeds would be a good idea:

Please note that the date stamp on the camera is wrong. This happens a lot! So, the brick thing is down, it’s winter, so the flowers have been cut back (but are all still there on the left by the chain link fence). And the mulch is there waiting to be spread…

This was an experiment (the lattice) at possibly making an “entryway” into the garden. It also gives a better view of how the back side of the garage is actually going to be one of the walls on the meditation garden. The wood fence you can see in the far back of the picture actually belongs to neighbors on the other side of the alley.


Now, fast forward again to this winter. One day, someone tossed some old wood over the alley fence into the back area, close to where the piled wood is in this picture:

This was before the fence on the left went up. G. went livid at the thought of someone tossing ANYTHING into our yard, even though we could use the wood, and the fence started going up the next day.

The part that goes from where the previous picture left off to the end in this picture above, I put up. Yes, I can use power tools when and if I have to!

When I conceived of this space, and the fence to close it off, I had this odd little idea of making a fence out of doors and painting them in different ways. This occurred to me after I went back to my college for an alumnae conference, and was walking around the little town (Decatur, GA). Apparently, they had had some kind of contest where people painted/decorated old doors in various ways. Some of them were really cool and creative. I don’t have the pictures scanned, but will put them up at some point.
Anyway, when I started thinking about how I wanted to fence off this space, I thought the doors would be a really cool way to do it, separated by some lattice work where I could trail up flowering vines, vegetables, what have you.
It took me the better part of 3 years to locate the doors. I first thought of going to antique stores/garage sales, etc., but everything was either totally beat up or way too expensive. Then I thought of buying them from Lowes or Home Depot. Still too expensive at nearly $50.00 a pop. Then, one day, G. was driving by another lumber place near the house, and they had a slew of doors out with a big sale sign on them. I knew I wanted 7 doors (something to do with chakras–haven’t worked it all out yet!), and I got all 7 for $56.00!
Of course, they’ve been in the garage now for almost a year, and now that G. was started on the fence, she didn’t want to lose her momentum. In deferance to our next door neighbor, she painted the backs of the doors a uniform brown (I wanted to stain them, but I guess she knew I’d not get around to it for another year!), and proceeded to start putting them up:

So, the door fence is shaping up. She added these flags kind of as an afterthought. We’d had them for a while, and we have a lot of flags up around the yard and garden, and had not decided where to put these. I think they are perfect here!

This final picture is a view from inside the space. That vine on the clothesline will grow over and cover that entire space of lattice this coming summer. Yes, it will. Silver lace vine can grow up to 18 feet in a season!

Soon you won’t even see the lattice, it will just be a green wall that will sheild us from any prying eyes from across the street. G. want to paint a mural of a tree of life on the back of the garage, and I am working on the designs for the doors, so probably within the next year or so all that should be complete. In the mean time, we have already enjoyed our firepit, and just checking out the space itself. We’ve ordered a few new flowering shrubs, I’m going to most likely plant some cucumbers to grow up 1 or 2 of the lattices this year, and more photos will be forth coming.
It’s been a fun process, tho mostly I have watched G. do the hard work. Sometimes I feel like I’m not contributing very much, but then sometimes I think our team does better when I offer a few ideas, and then sit back and let her run with them. Either way, we’re both happy with how it’s turning out, and that’s the main thing right?
Here’s to a good week…


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