Got your attention, didn’t I?? This morning, I will be having a lovely needle biopsy of my right breast, thanks to some tiny things they found on a mammogram. I won’t go into my feelings on the “If it ain’t broke, break it!” school of health care, just that I know that everything is fine. (But how do you KNOW, they say, if you don’t let us poke and prod?) Trust me, I KNOW. Again, not the time to go into it. I also itched like a bitch all night long, so I finally gave in and took Benadryl this morning. At least it will keep me soothed while I lie boobs down on a table and let people stick long needes into my tender parts.
Really, who is the boob here? Anyway, if you glance at this today and want to leave a comment, or send good thoughts my way, I will surely appreciate it. I never turn away prayers, comments, or good thoughs!
Have a great, needle-free day!


3 thoughts on “Boob

  1. Oh My…I hadn’t read this because of my own knee surgery. I had one of these done last year, in March, not sure if it was a “needle” biopsy or not, I think it was, I know they basically beat my boob up. I looked like I had been socked with a baseball bat, but the pain factor wasn’t too bad, it was the 3 days of waiting for the results that was nasty. Hope it all went well for you, since I haven’t read your later posts.

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