Friday Morning

Happy Friday! We had a little frost last night after our brief rain. I was just out in the yard, checking on the daffys and hyacinths that have already come up, and the fruit trees (apple, plum, peach, and cherry) that are juuuust starting to put out buds. I don’t think there was any real damage, and the sun is coming up now, so they should warm up fairly quickly.
I had a lovely shower this morning. I took the bandage off yesterday, with G.’s help. They put this big, clear, sticky bandage over the 2 little Steri-strips that went over the incision. Naturally, they got some of the really sticky part on the edge of my nipple. OUCH! But it’s off now–whew! I actually wore the sports bra until I went to bed last night, because the bruising and soreness was a lot more without the support. The incision itself is small–maybe the length of a regular staple, but all that trauma to the soft tissue…ugh. But, it’s better today, thankfully. And, of course, I can’t SEE it, so G. has to put the Band-Aid on, not really a chore for her!
In other subjects, I got the packet of information for my new job yesterday. Have to fill out the myriad of forms, read up on HIPAA, and get ready for my first day of training. Of course, as with any company, they make everything sound so DIRE, but I guess they have to because so many people are flakes anymore and if you don’t threaten them with termination every 5 minutes, they won’t do any work. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work with me, because I know that whatever happens, I’ll always find a job somewhere. I can type, I can talk on the phone (usually both at the same time), I can cook, and I can show up on time, so I’ll always be able to get some kind of gainful employment.
Been reading/scanning other blogs. Lots of political angst. I understand that this presidential race is “important” in the short term, but I can’t get worked up over a lot of the stuff. I’ve talked about gay marriage here, and I know there are thousands of people out there working their hearts out, beating their heads against the current laws, feelings, etc. It’ll happen, but it has to happen “organically” if that makes any sense. Just like any kind of real change. Laws don’t MAKE change. Laws are reactive. Every single law that’s ever been enacted is the result of something that has already happened that 1) we don’t want to happen again, or 2) we like, and we want to make sure it keeps happening. Pretty simple when you think about it.
I’m just realizing as I head into the 2nd half of my life (or 2nd third, if you watched Barbara Walters the other night–I didn’t), that I don’t want the WORRY. I think it was Ghandi who said “BE the change you want to see in the world.” Well, I want to BE a calm, reasonable, happy, person who’s satisifed with what I have, who needs very little to manage in the world, and who just wants to love her wife, and grow her tomatoes in peace. So, I’m going to work on BEING that. And if, in the course of my BEING, I have any kind of influence on anyone to go off and BE their change, then great. And if not, then at least I will not have been a burden. I think that alone is a pretty wonderful thing!
Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning

  1. Oh do I ever agree with this post. Life is hard enough without banging your head against the wall.

    I want to be peaceful and happy and it doesn’t really take much to get there.

    Supposed to be 70 today. 🙂 I’m looking forward to outside time.

    My hyacinths haven’t gotten that far. I was looking at pictures from last year and they were much further along this time last year. No problem. Just a late start.

  2. These posts have done two things for me: Brought back going through the same stuff with my still irritating and much loved mother and its amped up my mammogram anxiety three-fold! Despite the light sweat on my brow, I am sending benign thoughts your way!

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