Happy Birthday, G!!!

Yesterday was G.’s birthday. By any standard, it was pretty much a perfect day (and weekend) for both of us. I had bought her main present a few months ago, along with an absolutely perfect card:

She loved it, and immediately it went in the yard, where soon it will be snuggled amongst baby bee balm, and also will keep company with Esmerelda, the happy gargoyle:

This photo also gives a good view of the front of the house with the porch/pergola that we added a few years ago, right over the little concrete “stoop” that had been what led up to our house.

It really was a perfect spring day. The daffys and hyacinths are in full force:

Along with the veronica:

And the johnny jump-ups and hens and chicks:

The various birds were all over the feeders, including the gold finches, who discovered the new finch feeder we put out just the other day. I don’t have photos of them yet, but I will. They are like little drops of sunshine on a branch!

We slept in, having had a late Saturday for the first time in ages. This weekend, G. offered to look after one of our neighbor’s 4 dogs while she and her husband went to Denver to visit their daughter in her new apartment. She had been trying to put this trip together since Christmas, but with her business, and a sick mother (next door to her, and also a good friend of ours), it just hadn’t happened till now. On Saturday afternoon, we decided to just walk down, feed the pups, let them out and walk back. As we left the yard, we noticed a couple of women sitting at one of the picnic tables in the park. They half-waved to us, and we waved back.

After we got the dogs situated, and we were strolling back to the house (a couple of blocks), I noticed the women standing by our gate, kind of pointing into our yard. We got up to the house and said Hi. They said they had been intrigued by our yard and were just looking at all the stuff, so we invited them in to have a tour (this is not the first time people have just stopped at the house and asked to see the yard!). Turns out that one of them lives just around the corner, and they are “family”!! In fact they told us later that when we left the yard to walk, they had said to each other, “Oh, look–lesbians!” That just cracked me up!

Long story short, we all hit it right off, and we invited them back that evening for a fire in our new meditation garden. They came, and brought a bottle of wine and a cute little wind chime for the garden. We sat around the flames, talking, laughing, just thrilled to have some new friends in the neighborhood. And stayed up past midnight for the first time in AGES!!

So, after a late start on the morning, we decided to also get a little start on the garden and planted peas, onions, lettuce, and broccoli raab. I put some peas in the med. garden, at the bottom of one of the strips of lattice, and hopefully will be able to trail a pea vine up it soon.

After that, we went in for “siesta”, and were just getting situated, when I saw our new friends coming in the front gate! I saw that they had a card in hand, and we had told them about G.’s birthday, so we tossed on our clothes and answered the door. Again, we had a great visit, and discovered even more things in common. Despite the little “interruption”, it was great to see them.

We did have our “interlude” and then last night, went over to our friend MJ’s (who also knew one of the ladies from working together–small world!), and had a wonderful dinner with her and another friend, played Mah-jongg, and roundly celebrated G’s birthday, and life itself.

All in all it was a great birthday, and a wonderful weekend any way you slice it. Love, celebration, new friends, old friends, and lots of time in the garden. What could be better?

I love you, G!!



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, G!!!

  1. I have just found your blog and enjoy it very much. May i please ad you to my blog roll. have a wonderful bday with your wife.

  2. How wonderful! I love your house and garden and I love the name Esmerelda. Esmerelda was my cocker spaniel’s middle name. Biscuit’s middle name is Mary Ann. šŸ™‚

    Meeting new people is great too.

    I haven’t planted much yet except for the poppy field. Been too cold for me but I have seeds for lettuce, spinach and radishes so far and I am going to get raspberries too.

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