Here It Is…

Maybe I should have written this morning’s post a few days ago; they called right afterwards…

The news is pretty good. Basically clear, but for some “atypia” in the biopsy area, which of course they want to take out. I’m trying to work the appointment with the surgeon around my new job. I THOUGHT that working a split shift and being off 3 hours in the middle of the day would help, but I guess not. I guess I’ll have to wait till I actually START the job and then see about immediately trying to get time off. Not good, but if they have a problem with it, the folks I’m doing IC work for would have be back in asecond, so that’s okay.
That’s about it. The better news is that atypia has less of a risk of becoming cancer the older you are and I am not on ANY kind of hormonetherapy. I had an “atypical” Pap smear back in 1985, had an in-office”punch biopsy” and no more problem, so will keep to that line ofthinking. I also had a lump excised out of the left breast in 2000, and that side was clear this time.
One day I will post about how I really feel about all this medical “stuff”…

3 thoughts on “Here It Is…

  1. That’s good news…I just hate all the waiting..and for sure, your “procedure” was way more difficult than mine.

    Oh, and congrats on the new job!

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