Still Waiting

Still no word regarding the great boob invasion of a week ago. Following the path of “no news is good news”, this is okay. However, in principle, it makes me a little bit pissed off. Of course, I can call the clinic and ask for the results, but everyone I spoke to both at the clinic and the hospital told me that THEY WOULD CALL ME within 2 – 3 days with results–either way, good or bad. So, the Taurus in me is saying “Unh-unh, I’m not callin’, nope, they have to call ME, so there!” Stupid, I know, but there it is.
I mean, back when, the clinic had lab results in like 20 minutes and did not hesitate to call and be totally DIRE with me (and of course could not tell me over the PHONE, oh, no!), which turned 0ut to be absolutely nothing. So, if they are that “on top” of the little stuff (ok, anemia may not be little, but I think it’s less alarming than being sent for a breast biopsy, at least in this day and age…), then you’d think they would have results and WOULD CALL. Plus they’ve called IMMEDIATELY to schedule more testing, so…. My thoughts immediately go to the school of, well, they can’t get any more testing out of me, so why bother calling?
So, here we are. The compromise is that I will wait until the end of the day today, and if I still have not heard anything, I will call tomorrow. Until then, I have work to do…
Have a wonderful, spring day. We here in Colorado are expecting rain/snow!

One thought on “Still Waiting

  1. That’s BULLSHIT, how they are jerking you around. You could call them every hour until somebody gets off their ASS and gives you some answers.

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