Dream Dance

As you lay yourself to sleep,
Settle soft beneath your sheets
That is when I find you,
Bind you to me with
The words I have to say.

As beneath the moon you lay,
So pure and clean, your breath
Smooth and easy sighs.
Within your soothing pulse,
Beats the rhythm that calls me forth.

Not enough, you say, not enough,
To see in dreams what music
Sways within my heavy heart?
I cannot yet to you reveal
That which grows but is not real
In this moment, forming still
Within me, not rudely hidden from you.

But in creation, there is caution.
I hold back, not knowing what
To say, thus choosing silence over
Too much telling.

It will be said, you will know all in time.
But now, you sleep beneath
The moon-silvered clouds, dreaming as
Once I did, hearing as I heard,
The voices loud and singing,
Listen, yes, oh, listen, for
All will be told, I shall not withold,
The time is not yet ripe, but soon
This tale will be yours, all yours,
And you will wake from dreams to
Dance in my reality.

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