Well, I made it through the first “official” day on the new job. I think it is going to be interesting. The company is based in Florida, my trainer lives in Pennsylvania, and the facility that I’ll be transcribing for is in Massachusetts! Plus the various supervisors and team leaders are likewise scattered around the country. But really, why not? If we are dealing in information and bits and bytes, does it matter where you are? Or even when you work when you think about it, as long as the work gets done correctly and on time.
Now, my head is about to explode, I have reams of paper that I printed out (manuals, numbers, doctor “quirks”, etc.) and I’ve got a lot more folks on my IM list. Apparently this company does quite a bit of communication via IM, which is great. I actually did do some transcribing and did a little better than I thought I would, but I’m sure that they are sending me short, sweet dictators, although I had quite a variety today, along with the “pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd” accent. But none of them were anywhere near as incomprehensible as my dear old Dr. Mumbles in Denver, god bless him. Dr. Mumbles, the heavy breather. Although one of the docs did seem to be a burper, but you have to have one of those, right?

Anyway, I am rambling on needlessly. I will be working a more regular shift for the next 3 weeks (8 – 5 eastern, which means 6 am to 3pm here), then going to my split shift. I’m feeling a little less great about working on Saturday, but I will manage.

Tomorrow, I go see the surgeon about the boob thing. With all this other stuff going on, I really had pretty much forgotten it, but luckily, I wrote the appt. in Sharpie on the calendar across from my desk, so I see it when I look up from typing. I do think I will probably need to get new glasses pretty soon, too.

That’s about it for me. I’m pooped. I am heading upstairs to finish cooking some chicken, go through the mail and wait to watch Dancing With The Stars. I think maybe a woman might actually win it this year! Go, Kristi Yamaguchi!

One thought on “Tired

  1. Good luck and I’m envious. I would love to work from home.

    I used to do dictation for an old water lawyer. He drove me absolutely nuts. 🙂

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