The Further Adventures of Boobland, Colorado

Here it is, the 2nd whole day of a new job, and I have to ask “off” early to go to the appointment with the surgeon. Of course, it’s not like I’m leaving an office high and dry, I’m just logging off my computer, but I have this thing about work–when I’m working, I am WORKING, and I really don’t like to take off for much of anything, except for paid time off. But, on the upside, since I’m working 6 am till 3pm for the next 3 weeks, and my appointment was for 3:15, and I’m only 7 blocks from the hospital, it worked out all right. As it usually does when I stop moaning and groaning, and let it happen, right?
I got to the surgeon’s office, and nobody had my paperwork. How completely normal. But then, they found the doctor’s nurse, and she was aware of it. So, went back to the office, had my temp and bp taken, and waited for the doc. I guess I’ve reached the age where everyone who is now “an authority figure” is at least half my age. I mean, this doctor, this SURGEON couldn’t have been more than 15. Okay, he was older than that, but not much. Doogie Howser, anyone? But, he was very nice, and as surgeons are, very quick, direct, and to the point. I liked his nurse, too, so that was half the battle. I do much better in a medical situation if I like the “vibe” the provider is putting off. I liked their vibes.
He gave me quite a thorough breast exam, which is usually halfway between titillation (sorry) and torture. Said I had a hematoma at the biopsy site, which didnt’ surprise me at all, after the wrenching I got, which I described to him. He said he would also take out the “chip” in my boob, too, so that’s good. I asked him about the anesthesia, if I’d actually be out or what. The last time I did this (2000), I wasn’t out, but I was really LOOPY. I remember happily singing along to “Green-Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf in the OR. Loudly. I also remember being TOTALLY draped…I mean TOTALLY, including a blue sterile drape over my face. The (male) nurse told me he was going to do that, and I remember saying okay, then he did it and I yelled out, “Hey, I’m not dead YET!” The whole OR cracked up.
So, I wanted to know if I had that to look forward to. He said this time, I will probably be further out, and that’s fine with me. Seems like general anesthesia is about the only time I get any real sleep any more!! Let’s hear it for versed! I will consult with my trainer and then probably get things scheduled in the next week or so. It’s not like it’s absolutely critical that I do it immediately, so if I wait a bit it won’t hurt, but I think I’d like to do it while I’m still in training. And then be done with it.
Speaking of training, everyone is all excited that I’ll now have benefits with this job, which I guess is all right, but I went and looked at them, and it’s a PPO plan, and my deductible will be $500.00. Thanks to the county health that I qualified for, I’ve had my Pap, pelvic, mammo, colonoscopy, and this surgery paid for by various grants. So, now that I will pay for insurance, I’ll rarely spend more than $500.00 in a year on my health care, not even enough for the damn insurance to kick in. I’m not on any medications, I don’t have anything wrong with me. It’s almost better for me to make less money and qualify for county health and grants and pay my $10.00 office copay. After all, I have paid taxes every year since I was 15 years old and never been on welfare or food stamps or anything. I don’t think the few dollars of health care that I’ve used this year, in the greater scheme of things, are going to break the bank. Well, that’s another post for another time.
For now, I’m going to be very grateful that I seem to have a young, dynamic surgeon who is, according to his nurse, “very good with breasts”, and that I’ll have a nice nap coming my way in a week or two! Oh, and all of this is going to be done in a way that doesn’t mess up my tattoo. Yes, vanity, vanity, all is vanity!
Stay sane if you can!

3 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Boobland, Colorado

  1. Hey good luck. Your OR adventures of years past sound quite interesting.

    And bene’s rock. Even if you don’t use them. I rarely used any of my insurance until I found out I have diabetes. Then it was a good thing.

  2. Not sure I’ve visited your blog before today, but I’ve seen you commenting on others. Looking forward to reading more about you.

  3. Dearie,

    You write: “I guess I’ve reached the age where everyone who is now “an authority figure” is at least half my age.”

    Yes. Isn’t it weird…anda bit scary?

    That was one of Walhydra’s whines in her “Year of Becoming Mortal,” when she went to a counselor who was in diapers when she was a counseler.

    [Actually, he did very well. Had the last session yesterday.]

    Holding you in the Light for health and job.

    Blessèd Be,
    Michael Bright Crow

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