A Joke For My Mom, Or Dead People Still Get Mail

Those of you who have not lived with a person who has passed on, or who have not dealt with an estate and had mail forwarded to you probably don’t know this, but dead people get mail for a LONG time after they die. Meeps (my mom) still gets mail. Dean (my dead 2nd husband) still gets mail. My DAD still gets mail and he’s been dead nearly 18 years! Think of all the trees that have been lost to the “dead mail”.


For a long time, I contacted the people who sent all this mail and let them know that she was dead. They all expressed condolences, etc., said they would take her name off their lists, and…..kept right on sending mail. So, for the last 6 months or so, I was writing “Deceased” and sending mail back. Now, I’m just resorting to “Dead.” It’s quicker.

And it seems to work. The volume of mail has gone from 8 or 9 pieces of mail a day to maybe 2 or 3 now. However, today, an opportunity arose that I couldn’t pass up. Meeps got a thick envelope from Dr. Andrew Weil about his new newsletter. I don’t know if you know who Dr. Weil is, but he’s an M.D. that is a big proponet of natural health and healing, etc. Got a lot of books out. A friend of mine once encountered him on a tornado-chasing trip around the country, and recognized him when no one else did. He said, “Just call me Andy.” Sounds like a good guy, really.

So, on the front of this envelope, there was some promotional copy, and in big letters, with words, “SELF HEALING!!” Oh, the opportunity was too much. Just too much, I tell you…

I crossed out her name and my address, wrote the usual “Dead” there, but beside the “SELF HEALING”, I swear I couldn’t help myself, I wrote….”Too Late!!!” and popped it back in the mail box tonight.

I swear I could hear Meeps cracking up with me! It’s exactly the thing we would have hooted over until we collapsed out of breath on the couch.

So, have a good laugh on my mom tonight. It’s the best way to remember her

Love to you all on a beautiful Friday,



6 thoughts on “A Joke For My Mom, Or Dead People Still Get Mail

  1. Good one!

    I didn’t get mail for very long after either of my parents passed away. Well, except for the life insurance company telling my mom she could take out more life insurance, a year and a half after she passed away and they’d already paid me.

  2. Awwwww I LOVED THIS!! Loved it, loved it, loved it! 🙂

    That’s a frickin’ riot! Your mom sounded like really cool people. 🙂

  3. I love it!

    Needless to say, Walhydra doesn’t want her Mom or Dad to die…but she almost can’t wait to try this out.

    Blessèd Be,
    Bright Crow

  4. Sassy – it always amazes me how hard it apparently is to get a DEAD name off a list. Oh, well…

    Tina–you would have LOVED my mom. She never met a stranger in her whole life. If you met her away from home, she would have invited you over and fed you fried chicken and brownies. I made a lot of friends with her food!!

    Bright Crow–it’s great to be able to laugh with them even after they’re “gone”.

    Z–Hi! We’re supposed to have great weather this weekend!!


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