My surgery is a week from today, April 30. I went today for my preop appointment at the hospital, which is a very convenient 7 blocks from my house. I walk past it often. Pueblo is such a great place in that it’s about 6 miles all the way across “town” (I know, I’ve walked it), and in Pueblo you don’t play 6 degrees of separation, you play 3 degrees.

Case in point–the young man who gave me an EKG and took blood today. He was very friendly and accommodating. I asked what his speciality was–phlebotomy, etc. He said he did that and the EKGs for surgeries, but he was in school to be an EMT and work on a fire truck. I said he probably knew my next door neighbor’s daughter who is currently in school for the same thing. I mentioned her name…yes, indeed, he knew who she was. Stuff like this happens all the time in Pueblo, and really it’s not all tiny of a town, over 100,000 people. But most of those people have lived here for 5 generations, and are cousins. I’m serious. I never knew people had so many cousins till I moved here! I have 8 cousins. And I don’t really know any of them because we all grew up in different states.

But back to the preop. After that, I sat down with a nurse who had to take a complete history. I feel like I have given my history to these people about a dozen times already. They should have had it in records from my colonoscopy which was maybe a month ago. I’m not complaining though, because the nurse (I’ll listen to an old nurse over a young doctor any day), told me that Tagamet might help my eczema! She said because it’s an H2 blocker that her observation in ICU when patients had allergic reactions, and they gave them the epi and, the steroid in the ER, then sent them up, the standard was to give them Tagamet for indigestion. All the nurses noticed that anyone who had a rash usually got better! So, I will be getting some Tagamet soon, you can bet on that!

Then I met the anesthesiologist, who determined I did not need a chest x-ray, and I got some special soap to wash my boob with, which I probably won’t use because it will flare up my skin. I’m still battling the biopsy site, it’s healing okay, but it just HURTS. I think that guy wrenched around in my soft tissues a lot more than he let on. Ouch!

So, I guess I’m ready. Have to be at the hospital at 7 am on the 30th. I will go to my friend who does reiki on Monday, and get some more energy work on Tuesday, so I will be all ready for this. Then I can heal, get on with my life and get out of the clutches of modern medicine!

Next up…a blog about my impromptu dinner from a box of couscous…


One thought on “Preop

  1. Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you. Reiki rocks.

    I know what you mean about cousins. My folks moved here in 58 and my dad’s sister was already here. I have a lot of family in Canon and when I was in junior high I met a cousin I didn’t even know I had.

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