Sunday Doin’s

Well, howdy, folks, and welcome to Sunday at our place! Pull up a chair or a garden tool and join us for some weekend fun…

That’s actually our welcome mat. Found it in a catalog at my mom’s after she passed, and it just seemed appropriate. It made me laugh in my sadness, and G. ordered it without telling me, and it was waiting for me when we got home from Georgia. God, I love that woman.

Yesterday, we went to our favorite nursery to buy some plants to fill in a few spots in the yard. We’ve finally reached the point where we don’t really have vast areas that need to be filled with growing things right now. We have our vegetable bed areas, we’ve taken out most of the grass we want gone, and we are now doing experiments with various things, groundcovers, etc. to see how we like that. A few of the things we got were chammomile:

This sits right off the back porch, next to Buddha:

That little square in the corner is part of a project that G. was doing. She had a little left over cement that she wanted to use up (who has left over cement??), and found some of those fish-tank stones, and voila! She had stepping stones. Only, one of them broke when she took it out of the mold, so she stuck it in there with the chammomile. That’s my G–nothing goes to waste! Here’s the other one:

We also bought a couple of little succulent plants called “stone plant”, very odd looking, but so intriguing we had to have them:

In addition to our trip to the nursery, we had also ordered some weigela to plant along the fence between us and our neighbor, Steve. They are supposed to be long flowering and very attractive to hummingbirds. We didn’t have anything that really flowered much in that area, so they sounded great. The weigela is the small one next to the broken flower pot. I’ll be taking pictures periodically to show its growth progress.

We also stopped by the zoo before we went to the nursery, where they were having their annual plant sale to support the facility. We bought two plants called “mosquito shockers” that are supposed to repel the little buggers, and planted them in my favorite pots which go on the front porch:

I hope they work. They also need to be taken in for cold weather, so those pots will make them manageable.
G. decided she wanted to try some new mulch in the medicine wheel. Instead of being red cedar, it’s actually recycled rubber, so it packs down very nicely and it doesn’t smell like old tires, which is a plus! There’s Esmerelda, our smiling gargoyle and a lone tulip:

And here’s G. doing what she loves best–working in and making the yard and garden look like a showplace. I follow along behind her and put in a plant or two here and there, water sporadically, nurture the seedlings in the house, but pretty much all of the wonderful things you see are the result of her hard work, and her love of our house and garden.

So, in closing, I’ll just post a pic of one of our many avian visitors, a male house finch sitting in our redbud tree. It’s not often I can get one to sit still long enough to snap even a blurred picture of one, so I was happy to get this little guy.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to get back to it in the morning!

Oh, and by the way, IRONMAN ROCKS!!!



5 thoughts on “Sunday Doin’s

  1. Great garden pics. We will plant more next weekend. We have a wedding, mother’s day and another wedding to got to a couple of weeks from now.

    Love the finch. That must have been the bird on Stef’s feeder yesterday.

  2. I love it….it’s perfect. I wish I had it in me to do so much yard work. I need that matt though, it’s great.

  3. I love your welcome matt and the tea cup flower pots are really cute, too. What a cute and welcoming yard :o)

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