Not Even Sure How To Title This

It’s been a hell of a 24+ hour period. A little earlier in the afternoon yesterday, G. got a call from her sister in NY state that their brother (oldest) had committed suicide that morning. J. didn’t really know anything other than that, only that H. was dead, and the police had custody of the body.

We immediately kicked into crisis mode. I went at once to IM my supervisor (we all communicate by IMs since we are spread out over the country) to let her know, because TODAY I was supposed to start my new schedule at 7am. She was wonderfully sympathetic and just told me to take what ever time I needed. Of course, I couldn’t GO, but at least I could get G. situated without worrying.

Next, flight arrangements for G. to Buffalo, NY. She wanted to leave yesterday, but it was already 3pm, and there was nothing leaving later than 6-ish, and it’s nearly a 3-hour drive to DIA from here. So, after looking over the computer sites (airline sites directly and travel sites), I just called United Airlines and asked for a bereavement flight. I was able to get her a flight out of DIA this morning at 6am that went through DC and got her into Buffalo around 2pm. That was the shortest flight I could find. So, we got that booked after a bit of rigamarole. Plus, I got wheelchair assistance for her on all flights.

Then, I said, ok, we’re going up tonight, getting a hotel by the airport, and you can take the shuttle in the morning. We’ll be up there, and we won’t have to worry about being late. We did that once when we went to visit my mom, and it worked out perfect. I looked online for hotels and finally settled on Red Roof Inn, with a rate of $71.00 (the next cheapest was over $100.00!). Plus they had a hot tub, so I knew I could get her in there to relax once we stashed our bags in the room.

Then, we had to pack her. Luckily, I have a small backpack that carries on and can hold about a week’s worth of clothes. We checked and double checked all her meds, etc. We had to make sure she had her arm crutches. She normally doesn’t have to use them, but sitting for long periods makes her legs cramp up and sometimes she loses feeling in them all together. The crutches at least let people know to watch out for her; otherwise, she gets jostled a lot because she has to walk slow.

Friend L took the dog for the night, and I had gotten my 1st paycheck, so we dropped off th pooch, hit the bank and off we went, G on the cell phone the whole way. We stopped to get some food, and managed to get into the room by about 9pm. G. had talked to her son, her sister, and her other sister in CA, and the NY folks were going to drive up and get her in the Buffalo airport. We talked about how her mom was going to take this.

Since my brother tried to commit suicide after my mom died, I could completely relate. He was lucky, only shot himself in the chest with a pellet rifle and got a collapsed lung and a month-long visit in the county psych ward.

We talked about life, death, family history, and why kids in the same family turn out SO different. We re-realized why we love each other so much, and found new things to love. We were so grateful for each other and for every minute we get to spend together. I guess there’s nothing like immediate death to make life seem so very precious.

We managed to get a few hours of sleep. Wake up call was at 4am, and I put her on the shuttle to DIA at 4:20. I was in the car back to Pueblo by 4:45, home befor 8am, and got GS2 to preschool AND pretty much worked my first day of “real” work at the new job. G arrived safely, and is now seeing her grandkids for the first time in a while. I know THAT is making her happy! Now, I’m fried. I’m going upstairs, going to take a shower, and watch Dancing With The Stars.

And in the words of the inimitable Dear Abby, “If it’s worth dying for, it’s worth living for!”

Here’s to the living,
Oh! She’ll be back on Monday, May 12, which is my birthday. Seeing her walk out of the gates at DIA that night will be the best gift ever!!


10 thoughts on “Not Even Sure How To Title This

  1. I’m so sorry that you and G had to suffer such a loss. My condolences to you and your families. šŸ˜¦

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. But, thankfully, you two seem like such a great support for each other. My sincere condolences.

  3. Dear all, thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts. They mean a lot! Next blog…long rant on the whole death/family/funeral thing. My GOD!


  4. Dang…. hugs for both of you. Death does seem to make life so precious.

    Good thoughts for you and G and her family.

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