Right Now…

G. is burying her brother’s ashes in New York. She called me this morning, pretty agitated. Her younger sister was there at her son’s (this sister lives in CA and skirts the edge of serious mental illness pretty closely), and apparently already drunk. This girl was maybe FOUR when all the kids got separated, so you can’t say she was ever really all that close to this brother. Maybe I’m hard-hearted, but why would you get all devastated over the death of someone you never really knew? (I understand that anyone’s death diminises all of us a little bit, but still). It’s like an excuse to get drunk and be stupid. As if THAT is “mourning” or “grieving”.

I PRAY that G. will be able to get through this. Not the death part, she has pretty well dealt with that already, but all the dysfunctional family part, the stupid part, the guilt part, the “shoulda/woulda/coulda” part that I’m sure all those old fogies up there will try to lay on her. Like SHE could have done ANYTHING to prevent this. Like any of them could have.

Jeeze, I am a regular barrel of monkeys lately, aren’t I?

Well, back to work, so won’t tire you out any more.



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