Happy Birthday to Me!!

So, this morning (after a miserable, itchy night), I was talking to G (who had left a message but I actually slept through it), and she wished me a happy birthday, and told me to go to her closet and look in the very back….

is what I pulled out!! It’s a painting by artist Daniel Luna who is from here, but now lives in Denver. I LOVE his artwork, and a few weeks ago, we had lunch in a little Mexican place that is run by his relatives and is just FILLED with all kinds of his wondrous stuff. I fell in love with that one which is called “Feather Friends”. It is coming downstairs to my office wall first thing in the morning where I will see it all day. I love the colors, and I love the women’s faces. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to get a full sized piece of his work, but this one is exceptionally special to me!

It’s actually been a fairly good birthday. I picked up GS2 and told him to guess what day it was (he guessed HIS BD), but when I told him it was mine, he had to run around to all the daycare folks and tell them…so cute. I got several e-cards from friends and even one from my daughter (who I called this morning and apologized to for blowing up–I know, I know, I had the right to, but it totally caught her out of left field, and that wasn’t right).

And in about an hour and a half, I’ll be heading north to pick up G. at the airport, whose plane does not get in till 11pm. First to do–get the biggest, strongest latte I can before I leave, ’cause I am soooo tired. But I’ll make it ’cause I’m on the way to get my baby. Plus I have John Fogarty in the car which will definitely keep me awake!

Grumpy’s back, so watch out!



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!

  1. Happy birthday! What a great gift. Hope that latte helps you stay awake enough for a proper “thank you” and “welcome home”! (wink wink)

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