A Little Comparison

Remember when I wrote about this space:
Now, it’s May, and how things have changed!

I love being back in this space in the mornings, with the shade. Except for the bindweed. What a pernicious plant! Fortunately, I can easily dig up the “sprouts” that pop up on a practially hourly basis. Unfortunately, the actual root of the damn thing can be up to TEN FEET underground, so completely eradicating it is not going to happen. In the meantime, I’ve planted a couple of groundcover type plants and will hope that they will “mat out” the weed at some point.

Also in the back are the peonies, now beginning to bloom:

And looking lovely in the house:

I’ll have some more pictures shortly–I took a lot over the last few days, now that everything is beginning to pop out all over, but in the end, I will leave you with a picture of my baby’s new shoes that she got off E-Bay. My very own Athena!!

Are they not the COOLEST sandals? They are the “negative heel” Earth shoes. G. has discovered that wearing this type of shoe really helps her knee pain, so she has become an E-Bay shark. I think she paid $15.00 for these shoes, which retail for nearl $100.00! Go, G!

More to come soon,



6 thoughts on “A Little Comparison

  1. That space makes me wish allergy season was over here so we could sit out. Never heard of negative heel, but the shoes do look rather cute.

  2. It’s always sort of shocking when the trees leaf out — it changes so much of the character of our yards and the quality of the light.

    Hope you missed the Colorado storms yesterday.


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