Life on Greased Rails

Looks like I’m only posting about once a week, but life recently has felt like I’m on a steam engine headed downhill on greased rails. Hopefully, I won’t crash at the bottom! GS1’s 8th birthday was Monday, and had a great day with him. GS2’s is coming up in June, and we have a lot planned for that. 8 and 6 are great ages for boys–at least for these two. They are so curious and inquisitive, and wanting to learn everything. I hope I might have some infinitesimal influence to help keep that happening as they get older, but who knows? After all my experiences with people and their varied circumstances I have come to belive that however an individual ends up creating their life is about 95% determined by genetic “hardwiring” and that environment and other outside factors don’t really matter very much. “It” is either in your or it’s not.

I’m finally getting into the swing of this job. My production is better, and I’m less stressed over it.

The outfit I wanted to get for the wedding is out of stock. I’m totally bummed, but maybe I can back order. It was coming from the Pyramid Collection, but maybe I’ll pull a Tina or a G. and go on E-bay.

I have lots of thoughts I’d like to blog on, but these days, after typing for 8 hours straight, more typing isn’t really what I want to do. One of these days…

G and I want to get away at some point. We need it bad. This place is calling us really strongly, and it’s not that far from here, we could be there in most likely 3 hours. Maybe 4th of July? I love New Mexico and have not been in WAY too long. It’s not far from Taos, hot springs, and all kinds of goodies.

Well, I would write more, but I need to go take my walk around the park for my mid-day break. G took GS2 to his preschool “field day” at our City Park kiddie rides and the zoo. He is sooo excited about being in kindergarten next year. Too sweet.

Happy Thursday!



3 thoughts on “Life on Greased Rails

  1. I love Pyramid Collection! We’ve been ordering from there for years. In fact, my husband’s wedding band came from there, as did a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry. However, we find the problem you’re having a lot…”out of stock”, “on back-order”, “no longer available. Hope your outfit comes in! I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

  2. 6-8 are SUCH great ages for kids.

    I always think of stuff to blog about when I can’t blog, but then when I sit down and have the time I can’t think of anything (or I’m too tired to think).

  3. Hope you can find your dress.

    Casa Feminista looks like a nice place. Heck, I’d be happy with Mount Princeton Hot Springs. 🙂

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