A Breather

Was awakened this morning (well, I was already awake, but it got my attention…) by a most wonderful thunderstorm. Lightening, grumbling skies, cloudbursts of rain, the works. First things first, I ran downstairs to unplug my computer as I don’t really trust my surge protectors and can’t afford any electrical accidents.

That done, I went and stood at the kitchen window that looks out on the back yard from underneath the covered patio. It was just barely getting light (around 5am) and the lightening flashes shed stark illumination on the scenery and pounding rain. As the rain sheeted down, I realized that it wasn’t very windy out–I noticed all the little flags we have up around the porch weren’t moving. This is unusual for us out here, for wind is pretty much a constant. When the wind doesn’t blow here, you pause and watch, because something powerful regarding the weather is probably going to happen.

At the window, I realized I could feel the earth breathe. First, there would be a slow current of very cool air coming through. Again, no wind was blowing, just the exchange of cool air over the warmer air inside. Then, seconds later, as if by magic, the temperature would change, and suddenly, the air coming in was just skin temperature, maybe a degree or two warmer. Then, a few minutes later, more cool air. All this while listening to the pounding rain on the patio roof and watching the lightening flash and the thunder determine its distance. Breathing, breathing, breathing.

Whoever says the earth isn’t alive is a fool.


4 thoughts on “A Breather

  1. The thought crossed my mind briefly, but we are really too close to the mountains to get tornados. We’ve had a couple of tiny ones in 15 years, but the geographical conditions aren’t favorable, thankfully!

  2. It was really neat only we didn’t get the lightning. The rain was just beginning when I left for work. We trained in Pueblo again and I saw mega hail on the side of the road and four cars in the fences on the side. And the barn that got hit by lightning and was burning… we just missed it.

    The earth is alive. Very much so.

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