Our Fierce Protector

This: is Peaches, aka Piglet, aka Peeps. She is ever-vigilant and always on watch, as seen below:

and here, at her best:
The other day, we got a notice posted on our front gate that the city would be repaving the street in front of our house over the next several days. Because of that, the notice said, there was to be no parking on the street from 7am to 7pm. Fine for us as we have a garage. But, to help enforce the notice, the city had also placed a large “No Parking” cone right in front of the gate, on the street.

All well and good.

Enter Peaches. Later that afternoon, G. and I were watching the news, getting ready to eat dinner, and all of a sudden, we hear the dog start barking in her “warning” fashion. Thankfully, she really isn’t one of those “yappy” little dogs, and she has a definite “stern” bark when she thinks that anything might be a threat.

So, we peer out the window at the park (usually this bark means there is another dog/person nearby that she doesn’t know). Nobody. We go out the back door and look around to the alley. Nothing. Then we realize she’s pointed toward the front of the house and go walk around there.

And there she is….dutifully protecting us from the parking cone. Oh yes, it was a definite threat, and she was totally focused on it, barking her little poodle heart out.

Finally, G had to let her out of the gate so she could go up to the cone and sniff it to make sure it really wasn’t going to do us any damage. She is such a guard dog. In fact, last week, she worked really hard to protect us from some red weed cloth that G. was trying to put around the tomatoes. She had left a piece just clipped to one of the tomato cages, and it was flapping in the wind. Needless to say, that was enough of a threat to set off our wild attack dog.

Right after we moved here, the house catty-corner across the street went up for rent. She barked for 3 days at the “For Rent” sign in the front yard across the street before we figured it out. I mean really, that sign could have come across the street and really done some damage!

Go, Peaches!



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