Did They Know This Then?

So, it its infinite wisdom, Congress passed yet another law to “keep us safe”. Apparently, no one read the fine print…


I hope, if you have reached this blog, that you will click on the link and watch it. It’s 5 minutes of your time, but if it’s true (and I’m willing to be skeptical), then the ramifications are quite serious.

Who would have thought we could get into such a mess over light bulbs. China? Mercury? Landfills?

Now more than ever, we MUST consider the ramifications of our actions. The pool is getting smaller, and every pebble dropped makes bigger and bigger ripples. Somehow we have to figure out how we can actually ELECT people to government rather than just handing the offices over to the one with the most money and corporate backing. I wonder what kind of “deal” was made with the Chinese lightbulb making concern in order to get that law passed? Can we track what Senator or Congressman received contributions from China? From dummy corporations owned by China? Where is Mr. Smith when you need him?

I tell you, it makes me want to stay in my yard, grow more food, and burn candles.

Good grief!



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