Just a Quickie

G. was at the hosp. till nearly 5pm on Monday, after leaving the house around 10am. Typical I guess. They did a CT scan and ultrasound, found nothing. She has no gallbladder or appendix, so those were out. Pain apparently was too low for an EGD. They gave her enough pain med to at least stop the gut pain she had had for a week, so when she got home she was able to go right to sleep.

Yesterday was better. She was still shy of eating, but hungry. We went to lunch with a mutual friend, and she had some eggs. Then we went to our local health food store where she picked up some acidophilus, digestive enzymes, and deglychorrized licorace (NOT the anise-flavored licorace candy, but the actual plant). Those three seemed to help mor than anything else, and she was pretty much back to normal by last night.

I’m off to plug in and get typing….

Make it a great one…



4 thoughts on “Just a Quickie

  1. My husband has GIRD and had some meds prescribed to him that made it worse…one of them gave him an ulcer! Someone recommended acidophilus and it turns out that’s all he needs any more. It has helped tremendously. I’m glad G. is feeling better.

  2. Yeah, the drug co’s want you to take all these meds that really end up making you sicker. My theory is peopld with GERD don’t have enough digestive enzymes or gut “flora” and end up making too much acid to overcompensate. Balance it out with the right stuff and poof! GERD is gone!


  3. I remember something about acidophilus. supposed to be good stuff I think.

    Here’s hoping G feels a lot better now.

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