Variations on a Theme

Once again, thanks to Syd who has become my total food hera, I decided to have this for lunch:

That’s ham on light rye with chevre bleu cheese and Dijon mustard. It was quite tasty, especially with a side of Sicillian green olives and cornichons.

Now, seriously, who does not keep chevre bleu cheese and cornichons in the fridge?? I ask you…


PS – please note “real” plate instead of styrofoam. I am not a “total” follower…

11 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

  1. LOL, Jess, a cornichon is like a gherkin (little tin pickle) only gherkins are sweet and cornichons are sour.


  2. gherkin

    That’s appropriate, given Syd’s pen15 … LOL.

    Although, that sandwich does provoke a Janel McCarville thought.

  3. Hey, now, you can leave ALL the comments about Syd’s litte “gherkin” right offa here!

    This is for good stuff only.

    But, ok, GM, that was funny!


  4. I tell ya, GG, I am just going to have to take your word and Syd’s word on the sandwich thing …

    I’m glad you laughed, for you provided a good opportunity to laugh and opine on food and … err … gherkins.

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