Making Progress

So, on Monday evening, here’s what’s been happening:
G is now in Columbus, OH, on the bus back home. Yay! That’s the best news.

In other news, I spent today contacting the various folks I was not able to get hold of last week re: the wedding. The good news: I will be able to get ALL of my deposits back that I made on my daughter’s behalf. Funny, I have not heard from her about the check my sister was supposed to send to her (but made out to me) to pay me back from having her lights turned off. Oh well. I had a good talk with my sister on Sunday. She is going to come visit anyway and stay here in the house while we are in Denver, and visit with my daughter and the family. So, it’s all good.

I closed out a bank account that I had used for my free-lance transcription and had the balance transferred to savings. I made a big payment on the 5 windows that we had installed a few months ago. I went to the grocery and got a few things to help G’s travel-torn stomach get back into shape.

I took our friend L to the hospital to visit her daughter when her car decided to go out on her, and gave her my lovely mechanic’s name when she insisted she was going to take it to a dealership. Who has their cars fixed at a dealership? Are you NUTS?

I watered a little bit, and didn’t pick anything today. On the downside, I got hit by the junkfood bug BIG time yesterday and succumbed. And, do I feel lousy. There IS something to this fresh food stuff. Speaking of which, below is another veggie dinner I made for myself the other night:

I made another dish similar to the ratatouille with the eggplant, etc, only I also tossed in those 2 perfect little squash and some wild rice I had in the fridge, so it was almost like a pilaf. The asparagus I almost forgot I had, so I steamed them, then made a citrus vinengarette with lime juice and served them cold. The other dish is a sweet potato salad that I found on another blog, but I modified it somewhat (as I am wont to do). It called for light and dark rasins, and I used dried cranberries and dried cherries, it used orange juice in the dressing. I didn’t have any, so used apple juice, and I didn’t have pecans, but did have walnuts, which I think work better because I think the pecans would have made it TOO sweet, even with the green onion and the balsamic vinegar. Let me tell you, it was one great dinner, and way better than the junk food I ate yesterday. What is it they say about live and learn?

Well, tomorrow it’s back to the good old work routine, and then….SHE. WILL. BE. HOME!!

Happy Monday, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Eating healthy definitely makes a difference in how I feel. The morning after we had a day of eating crap, particularly when we’ve had company or been out, I wake up feeling like crap, and then am sluggish most of the rest of the day.

    Yeah for getting all of your deposits back. I’m surprised though, when our daughter got married all the deposits were non-refundable.

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