Getting Ready to Go

So, tomorrow we leave around midday to head up to Denver for our convention. Most of my friends got in today, but since I don’t have any paid vacation accrued yet, this is an unpaid holiday for me, and I decided not to take the extra day. I’ll work half a day, get my daughter to her new (temp) job, then pray she can find a ride for the next few days till we get back.

Of course, I’ve been working, and G has been getting the house ready, which means that she cleans and scrubs from top to bottom, and when I say SCRUBS, I mean on her hands and knees with a wet rag. You’d think she was back in basic training and her sergeant was making her clean the barracks with a toothbrush. But, that’s just her. She wants to come back to a clean house, by God, and so it will be clean when we leave. I have managed to THINK about what I’ll be wearing, and get SOME of it into my suitcase. I’ve packed my swimsuit and goggles. Disappointingly, our “fancy” hotel does not have a hot tub! I’m really shocked. Too late to change as all are sold out, and the rest of my “gang” is going to be at this hotel, too, but one of the things we love about going to a hotel is that G. gets to put her poor, sore legs into hot water. Not this time.

The gar is gassed and checked. I’ve got the “common” bag for meds and toiletries. We’ll take a cooler, but probably won’t get thigns for it will after we get there, for a longer shelf life. We’re taking our own coffee and cream. I have to make a pan of brownies (LONG story there).

She’s wired the whole yard for watering, and got 2 girls from across the street to water for us while we’re gone, and also told them to pick whatever they want for themselves and their vegetarian grandfather. I love thinking that people all over the neighborhood are eating from our garden! The lady who has cut my hair for 15 years came over yesterday and got squash, eggplant, cucumbers and lettuce. We had golden beets and beet greens, and yellow snap beans with onions and bacon last night. Yummy!

We also decided that when we leave, we are going to “bug bomb” the house. We normally are not into pesticides, and most of the time it works, but we have seen some different kinds of “ickies” in the house, so thought while it was all closed up for a week, might not be a bad idea. I just don’t want to mess with our praying mantises, and our hummingbird moths, etc. that we love to watch outside. Even the big “tiger” garden spider.

Oh, on another note, in her zeal to redo the kitchen cabinetry, G. pulled off some molding that was under the cabinets at the backsplash. Turns out, this was part of what was holding the cabinets UP (they do not have backs, they are just like shelves with fronts and doors put to the wall in just a few places. We noticed that they were really sagging in the middle under the weight of the dishes, so we scrambled to get them empty yesterday. Otherwise, I think we would have come home from Denver to find all our dishes and the cabinets in a heap on the kitchen floor. Oh, the joys of home ownership and remodeling! It won’t be a hard fix, it’s just that it must be done!

So, that’s about it from GG and crew for the week. We’ll be back some time on Monday, after G has an appoinment at the VA–how convenient, we’ll actually already BE in Denver for a change.

All you folks play nice while we’re gone.

Have a great week!



4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go

  1. I get G’s thing about cleaning before going away. I do the same thing when I can. I despise coming home to a messy house.

    Have fun!

  2. I hope you enjoy the convention.

    We bug bomb once a year or so because we have some problems.

    My garden is horribly neglected. 😦

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