Drag-ass Sattiday

It’s Saturday, I’m working and I’m tired. Just draggy tired. I guess it doesn’t help that “my friend” is here today, but also I’ve been taking on some extra work from my former employers, which is totally voluntary on my part, but it means that much more sitting and typing. Which keeps me from any kind of physical activity. Which makes me tired.

And so it goes.

Not really complaning, just sayin’, you know. YAWN. Which reminds me–it is really HARD to type reports when the docs INSIST on trying to continue talking while they take these HUGES yawns. Please. I know you’re tired, doctor, but can’t you just yawn and THEN talk? Thank you.

In the meantime, thinking good thoughts for Jess, Tina, and Syd, who are going through their own troubles/trials at the moment. Also OC, and anyone else who’s having a bit of a “time”.

There’s a ton of stuff I want to blog about, but my fingers just seem to rebel at the end of the day. Maybe tomorrow my body will let me sleep past 5 a.m., and then I will get up and take a much-needed long, quiet walk in the neighborhood while everyone else sleeps in.

Wish me luck…


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3 thoughts on “Drag-ass Sattiday

  1. GG – hope your body and soul got the nourishment of rest, activity, and peace that it needed. It was good to catch up with you yesterday! Thanks for the friendship!

  2. I think that sometimes sitting behind a computer working is more tiring than heavy work in the yard or general physical exercise.

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