We Don’t Just Grow Veggies That Taste Good…

…we grow ’em CUTE, too!! This:

is one of our own little ‘taters, kind of mutated to look like Mickey Mouse!

Here’s the whole thing:

I think I’ll let the boys take this for “show and tell”…and when they bring it back, we’ll let it grow eyes and start the whole thing over again…


We also finshed picking the rest of our little TWO (2) rows of corn:

Which is AFTER we had already eaten/given away a good 2 dozen or more ears. So, maybe 4 dozen ears off 2 rows of corn? If you’ve never grown corn, trust me, that’s a GREAT harvest. We bought a 60-ear bag from the local farmer’s market last week to go with those and put about 20 2-cup bags in the freezer. Sweet summer corn in the dead of winter, YUM.

We also bought a box of tomatoes and cooked them down into sauce, but they definitely were NOT “sauce” tomatoes, too much juice, which is great for eating, but cooking, not so much. By the time the whole box cooked down, we only got 4 three-cup containers. Not a lot from an entire box of tomatoes. No pics of that, but the house smelled like an Italian restaurant for a few days…so…YUM.

Well, I have goals to accomplish today, so it’s off I go.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday…



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