Word of the Day – Senescence

So, I was typing along today, and one of the reports I did was on a 99-year-old patient in a nursing home. I like the doctor who does these reports because he sounds very compassionate.

He was talking about the patient’s state of mind and memory, and said he didn’t exhibt any signs of Alzheimer’s but his slight lack of memory was probably due to “senescence”.

Now, I had a pretty good medical vocabulary before I started this job, and over the last 2 years, it’s gotten even better. But I had never heard that term before. If I had been pressed at the moment, I would have said it had something to do with “sleepiness” i.e., “The patient cannot remember because he is sleepy”. Well, okay, but probably not that.

So, duh, I looked it up:

“Senescence: The state of being old.”

I had to laugh. That’s the way these reports are. Poor doctor probably felt that it was just to BLUNT to say, “He can’t remember because he’s 2 months shy of being 100 years OLD.” Nope, can’t say OLD, so let’s just slip a little “senescence” in there, sounds SOOO much better!

So, tomorrow, when I can’t figure out what tasks I told G. I would accomplish, or when I can’t remember where I put the car keys, or when I forget to put the Netflix video in the mailbox, I’ll just say I’m feeling a little “senescent”….

Works for me!


5 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Senescence

  1. I am totally using this word. I am going to see how many times I can work it in to regular conversation tomorrow before someone wants to what I am talking about! I will sound so smart!! (And they said I wouldn’t get no where with no edumacation!)

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