Grand-ma Got Pulled Over By A Trooper*

*sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”

Yes, folks, it’s true. I was coming home from a really wonderful outing with the boys, cutting through the Pueblo Reservoir park and the road that I take out of the park leads down a hill by the dam (yeah, yeah, excuses), and I didn’t slow down to the requisite 20 MPH by the time I hit the flat area near the exit. I passed the entrance check-point, and next thing I knew, red lights were flashing in the rear view.

Great. So, I pulled over, turned off the engine, and got out my license. G. found the insurance and registration (the car is in her name, I’m just the driver since her legs are so bad). Lady park trooper, very nice, told me I was doing 38 in a 20, they were cracking down because of some close incidents with cyclists, etc. She checked to make sure the boys were buckled in (we don’t start the car without that, thank GOD), then went back to her car to run all the info.

The boys, who have WAY too much experience around police procedure for their age, etc. (more blog posts), were kind of whispering in the back seat. I caught “taser” and asked what they said. “Are they going to taser you, Gramma?” I nearly lost it.

“No, they are NOT going to taser me. I’m going to sit right here, and do whatever the nice trooper lady tells me to do! And you two just be quiet!”

Shortly, she came back with our documents and gave us a warning, even though she said I had passed TWO 20 MPH signs (honest, ma’am, I never saw them). We drove off weak with relief (at least I was), she turned around and went back into the park to wait for the next vict…er…speeder.

Other than that, the day was just about perfect.

Hope yours was free of law enforcement encounters!



3 thoughts on “Grand-ma Got Pulled Over By A Trooper*

  1. I know that one of these days it’s going to be me getting pulled over, but it won’t be a warning, they don’t seem to do that around here. We have a lot of areas that are 20 or 25 and it’s so hard to go that slow! LOL

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