The Perfect Revenge

I am taking a quick break from work to post this idea, as it is simply TOO perfect. I received it in a forwarded e-mail from a friend; this is not my idea–I WISH!

If you are having “issues” with this lipstick-wearing hockey mom who would happily take women’s reproductive choices away, then may I suggest you go to

and make a donation in her name? She will be notified by Planned Parenthood for every donation received on her behalf. I can’t think of a better way to let her know that women WILL NOT have their choices taken away.

I’m going over there now. Even $10.00 will get your message to dear ol’ Sarah



Not a hockey mom, not a lipstick wearer and most definitely NOT a Palin supporter.


7 thoughts on “The Perfect Revenge

  1. It's brilliant. I'm doing it. But, don't we need an address? Ah, yes,
    Todd & Sarah's Wasilla address is:
    PO BOX 876182 WASILLA AK 99687

  2. Thanks, ladies! Hahn, you’re brilliant. I just went to the Alaska governor’s web site and used the Juneau address. Figured all the staff might as well know what’s going on, too! Pass it along, please!!


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  4. on my way to make our donation. I just hope plannned parenthood is ready for the donations they get, I think I will put the link on my blog as well as send it to all those in my address book to get more people on this.

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